Fan-tastic Savings: Top 3 Energy-Efficient Champions for Your Cozy Nest

If you live in an area with a moderate climate, consider installing an energy-saving fan to meet your cooling needs. Whole House Fan offers the most reliable and high-quality ventilation options that can enhance your home's energy efficiency and save you money over time. With our fans, you actively cool your home more efficiently and rely less on air conditioning.

For those who are new to installing and using energy-efficient fans, we're here to provide detailed information on their benefits and highlight our top three products. This guidance aims to help you make a well-informed purchase decision. We believe our energy-saving fans will encourage you to adopt the best ventilation solutions, creating a more comfortable living environment in your home.

How does it cool your home? 

Whole house fans are energy efficient because they simultaneously cool the attic and living spaces. This means you are cooling your home more affordably, usually at a fraction of the cost of running an air conditioner.

These fans are typically installed in the attic, ideally between the living space and the ceiling. To cool your home, open the windows when it's cooler outside and turn on the fan. This action draws cooler outdoor air into your living spaces while pulling air into the attic to cool it as well, effectively acting as an exhaust system to expel hot air from your home.

Is it any different from attic fans?

One of the biggest confusions about an energy-saving fan is it’s the same as attic fans. However, these appliances have key differences you must know.

  • A whole house fan creates a cooling effect by drawing hot air into the attic, where it's then expelled through vents or gables due to positive pressure. Concurrently, negative pressure in the living area pulls in cool air through open windows, making these fans energy-efficient without the need for extra ventilation or cooling devices.
  • In contrast, attic fans only remove hot air from the attic and do not contribute to cooling the living spaces.

Practical and economical cooling for areas with moderate climate

Energy-efficient whole-house fans can significantly lower indoor temperatures without the high running costs associated with air conditioners. We offer the latest models that are not just energy-saving but are environmentally friendly, too. Plus, they are quieter than older models, so you don’t have to worry about noisy distractions.

How to make the most of an energy-saving fan 

Whole house fans can be extremely energy efficient with proper use.  Here are a few usage tips to make the most of their cooling:

  • Keep the windows open to make the energy-saving fan work more effectively.
  • Turn it on in the evening or morning when the outdoor air is fresher and cooler.
  • Pick the correct size based on your living space’s size to minimize your energy costs by up to 80%.

An energy-efficient whole-house fan can completely substitute air conditioning for homes in mild and temperate climates.

Our top 3 picks 

We carry the Energy Saver line of Quiet Cool whole house fans with all the features of the regular models, plus an energy-efficient motor. All these fans are certified energy efficient and consistently receive the top ratings from the California Energy Commission for ventilation based on their watts or CFM.

Another great thing about these fans is they can be installed in homes without an attic, making them accessible to modern properties and buildings. Below are three of our best-selling energy-saving champions:

  1. Quiet Cool ES-700 

This energy-saving fan offers whisper-quiet operation and reliable cooling with its one-of-a-kind, patented design, featuring an acoustical duct linked to an R5 damper box. This also means almost zero noise vibration. Plus, Quiet Cool’s innovative ECM energy-saver motor hardly uses any power, even as it moves a lot of air. 

ES-700 is one of the fans we recommend for energy-efficient extra-large homes. Be sure to install it centrally to enable its powerful airflow to reach all aspects of your living area. It can also run on two speeds when hardwired.

  1. Quiet Cool ES3100

The ES3100 is an energy-saving fan that can move 3081 cubic feet of air every minute, meaning it can cool a living space very fast. We recommend it for living spaces that are 1541 square feet at 2 CFM per square foot. You don’t even have to worry about any complex installation because it can be installed in a vertical wall or ceiling. When not in use, the built-in louvered back draft damper minimizes energy loss.

Similar to the ES-700, the Quiet Cool ES3100 is an energy-efficient whole-house fan with a two-speed mode that is possible via a hardwired installation. Moreover, it has an 8-hour on/off timer and a remote kit that lets you run it wirelessly.

  1. Quiet Cool ES2250

ES2250 is a super-efficient energy-saving fan that can move 2492 cubic feet of air per minute at only 150 watts of power. This puts it among the best energy-efficient whole-house fans for a small or medium-sized home.

Do you want optimum cooling? We recommend using this energy-saving fan with individual bedroom fans. Simply install it anywhere in a vertical wall or ceiling. The ES2250 prevents energy loss when switched off, thanks to the louvered back draft damper that comes with it.

If you prefer a two-speed operation, hard-wire this energy-saving fan. It also includes a set-and-forget 8-hour timer and a wireless remote kit.

Are you ready for a cooler and cozier home?

Buy whole house fans to create the energy-efficient home you’ve been dreaming of. When you buy from us, you’ll receive Quiet Cool’s 10-year warranty on top of our 60-day money-back guarantee. If you need help choosing an energy-saving fan, don’t hesitate to call 1-661-775-5979 from Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 5 PM PST for free expert advice.