Features and Benefits of the Wireless RF Control Kit for QuietCool Fans IT-36002

These standout features make the wireless RF control kit for QuietCool fans an essential for almost every home.

  • Easy to install. Simply mount the control hub to your QuietCool whole house fan.
  • Not only is the wireless RF control kit a wall mount switch; it is also a handheld remote – in one unit.
  • Long-range. You can operate your QuietCool whole house fan from up to 100 feet away, allowing you to control your fan from practically anywhere in your home.
  • Set up multiple switches. Don’t worry about carrying the remote from one location to the next. Pair a single fan with multiple switches, creating outstanding control and portability.
  • Your wireless RF control kit for QuietCool Fans IT-36002 comes with a full one-year warranty.

Easy control with the RF control kit makes your QuietCool whole house fan truly portable and convenient to use. This offers all the benefits you expect from your whole house fan, in a more convenient manner.

The wireless RF control kit is a game-changer, adding incredible convenience into the process and making the installation and use of a whole house fan more accessible to people who have previously dismissed the idea. These are just some of the benefits you can expect when using the RF control.

  • Take your switch controller with you – anywhere in your home. This gives you ultimate control you can move around with.
  • Eliminate risks of children (or pets) accidentally turning on whole house fans by keeping controller with you at all times.
  • Never have to climb stairs to turn on your fan again, since you can control your fan from anywhere inside your home.
  • No need for Wi-Fi pairing.
  • Easy to understand instruction. Plug and play installation. It doesn’t get much easier to install than that.

Whether you’re more confident keeping the remote wall-mounted in specific locations, such as on the wall beside the last window you will open or close before turning your fan on or off, or you prefer the convenience of using it as a handheld remote, the Wireless RF Control Kit for QuietCool Fans IT-36002 makes owning and operating a whole house fan easier and more convenient than ever. Now is the perfect time to make this investment for your comfort and your home.

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