Garage Organization Tips

Many people who have a two-car garage only have room to park one of their vehicles, or they can’t park either of them inside due to clutter. If you’re like most people, you can’t do without your car. So, why keep it parked outdoors where it’s exposed to UV exposure damage, tree sap and bird droppings?

You can keep it much cleaner and even prolong its life by storing it in your garage. But first, you need to organize your garage. Garage organization isn’t a one-size-fits all project. Because of this, below are some tips you can follow to organize your garage.

  1. Make a Plan
    Before you start trying to organize your garage, create a cleaning plan and assign jobs. A plan of attack will help you stay on task and get the job done.
  2. Assign a Whole Day or a Whole Weekend for your Garage Organization
    Organizing and cleaning your garage will take you several hours. So, you’ll want to designate some time for it.
  3. Place Wire Shelving in Your Garage
    Maximize the storage space in your garage easily and quickly with easy and inexpensive shelves, hooks and baskets.
  4. Use Bins
    The simplest way of gaining extra space is by using a storage system. Try a rolling workbench, lockers and plastic bins.
  5. Use a Paint Station
    Use a steel pegboard to store your rollers, brushes and tape so they’re easy to access when it comes time to tackle your next paint project. When painting inside your garage, be sure to utilize a garage exhaust fan.
  6. Sort Through Your Items
    Before you place your items back into your garage, sort through them first and create a few piles: throw away, keep and donate.
  7. Designate Spots for Toys or Bikes
    Create a “parking spot” for your bikes and toys. Bike hooks and activity organizers are great for getting your bikes and toys off the floor.
  8. Organize Your Cleaning Supplies
    Finding a location for your cleaning supplies can be challenging. Try using an organizer to keep your brooms and mops out of your way.
  9. Take Advantage of Storage Bins
    If you have no floor space, trying using overhead storage bins to organize your items above your head.
  10. Use Vertical Space
    Don’t rely on shelving alone to store your items. You have all sorts of extra space to work with throughout your garage. Ceiling areas that aren’t along your garage door’s track make great spaces for hanging sports equipment like surfboards and kayaks. You can make use of open wall space for storing lawn care equipment, tools and miscellaneous supplies like screws and nails, reusable shopping bags, pencils, tape and travel items.

Spring is a great time to organize your garage. Get started today! And if you’re looking to install a garage exhaust fan, take a look at the Quiet Cool GA ES-1500 Exhaust Fan, which is considered by many the most energy-efficient garage exhaust fan on the market today.