Garage Updates To Do This Summer

Updating your garage is a fantastic summer project to consider. Not only can it enhance the usefulness of your garage, but it can also help to reduce the heating and cooling costs for your home. These are some fun updates you might want to try this summer.

Add a Sun Sensor
Some people are surprised to discover that summer sunlight can affect the reliability of their garage door sensors, essentially confusing the sensors on garage door openers. Installing a sun sensor will end the confusion, allowing your garage door opener to function appropriately whether it is day or night, rain or shine.

Install a Garage Exhaust Fan
While you may have heard that installing a garage exhaust fan can help you regulate the temperature inside your garage (and, as a result, reduce the costs of keeping the inside of your home in adjacent rooms cool). It does so much more than that. Garage exhaust fans also help to remove potentially harmful fumes from items used while working on projects in your garage or released by items you store in your garage. This helps to clear the air in your garage and reduces the risk of harmful air flowing from your garage into your home.

Protect Your Car When Parking
The days of a tennis ball hanging from the ceiling are long gone thanks to newer, subtler inventions, like the Acupark strip or parking mat. Either device lets drivers know when to stop in order to avoid damaging cars or garages. You might also consider installing bumpers on the side walls of your garage to prevent door damage from hitting walls (a cheap, if not entirely pretty) trick is to use pool noodles for this.

Change to LED Bulbs in Your Garage Door Opener
LED bulbs not only burn brighter, making them excellent choices for dark garage spaces. They also consume less electricity and last years longer than traditional incandescent bulbs (lasting up to 17 years) and even many fluorescent bulb options on the market today. This means less bulb changing and less money spent on electricity for lighting your garage.

Apply Epoxy Over the Garage Floor
Applying epoxy to your garage floors helps prevent oil and other materials from staining your garage floors and makes them look more attractive to visitors and your family alike.

Add an Elevated Storage Loft
There’s no rule that says your garage is only useful for parking cars. In fact, your garage can be transformed into highly useful storage space with the addition of a storage loft. Especially if you use it in combination with a garage exhaust fan that draws moisture and odors out of your garage.

Projects like this can enhance your summer enjoyment of your garage while making it a safer place to use for various family projects at the same time.

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