Get To Know the Quiet Cool Whole House Fans

The whole house fan is fairly simplistic home accessory, but a highly beneficial one. You typically mount the fan on a ceiling of a top floor central hallway of a two-story home or in the attic of a one story home and the fan draws in the cool outdoors air through the windows and doors, while it forces the hotter indoor air out the exhaust vents and existing intake on the roof. The continuous cycle reduces the need for air conditioning that evening and even following day to make your home comfortable.

When the outdoor temperature is lower than inside the home, the whole house fan is more effective. This is typically during the evenings and nights. These fans usually use only a tenth of the energy of an AC unit which will lower your energy bills dramatically.

The Importance of a Quiet Whole House Fan
Back in the days, the old fashioned attic type of whole house fans were very loud, sounding like you had a helicopter on your ceiling. This would keep people from using their fans while they were trying to have a conversation, watch television, or when they were sleeping.

They would turn to their much quieter, but more expensive air conditioners. Thankfully, QuietCool fans came about which are the quietest fans you will find on the market these days — and people have begun changing their minds about using whole house fans. You are able to relax in a cool home with whisper quiet whole house ventilation without having to use your air conditioner.

With the QuietCool fan, you can talk, watch TV and sleep without noise disruption. While the old fashioned fans averaged at 85 dB, the QuietCool fans average at 45 dB.

Benefits of a QuietCool Whole House Fan

Save up to 90 percent off your AC bill
Your entire home gets cooled
Your entire home gets ventilated
Foul odors are exhausted from your home
The quietest whole house fan in today’s market

There is a big requirement in order to use a whole house fan and that is that you have to have an attic in your home with a specific amount of clearance, according to Dallas Air Vent’s training and communications manager, Paul Scelsi. He says that the installation directions of the various brands and models make that perfectly clear.

To determine the proper size of fan for your home, most of the manufacturers will provide you with worksheets to figure this information out; however, usually it is 1000 cfm for a home that is 1500 square feet for the newer whole house fans.

Aside from being much quieter, the new whole house fans are insulated and motorized and have sealed damper doors. They require no framing during the installation process and you will save much less energy by running a smaller fan all night versus an air conditioner. Plus, you will wake up to a cooler house in the morning.

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