Giving Your Garage a Much-Needed Tune-Up

If your garage has been neglected (out of sight, out of mind, right?), it’s time to give it a little attention and give it a tune-up. After all, it’s one of your hard-working spaces, so it deserves a little love. Below are a few ways you can give your garage a much-needed makeover.

  1. Install a Garage Exhaust Fan

A garage exhaust fan is incredibly convenient for most homeowners. You may not realize this, but an attached garage could negatively impact your home’s indoor air quality. There are many gases and chemicals used and stored inside the garage that can easily get inside your home if you’re not properly ventilating your garage.

Plus, you need to be aware of carbon monoxide that comes from vehicle exhaust. A garage exhaust fan can exhaust these fumes, chemicals and gases outside your garage. Other benefits of installing a garage exhaust fan are:

Cools hot garages
Improves ventilation
Decreases air conditioning costs
Removes condensation
Protects garage contents
Helps to exhaust fumes from chemicals and gases

Your garage contents are susceptible to the whims of the weather inside your garage, however, a garage exhaust fan can help prevent them from rusting from moisture, spoiling or warping in the heat or facing various other potential perils.

  1. Organize It Before Winter

Before the first snowfall, you’ll want to ensure your garage has enough room for storing important things (including your vehicles). For instance, you can:

Add garage cabinets: You use your garage frequently for off-season gear or as a catch-all for your different home improvement projects. So, adding in some cabinets could be well worth your money and time.

Sliding garage storage shelves: No matter how large your garage is, let’s face it, there’s never enough room for storing everything. But, you can save space with some sliding garage storage shelves. Simply install them on the sidewall of your garage to make efficient use of the narrow space.

Install garage corner shelves: Even if you already have shelves installed in obvious areas, you can still utilize the corners. A few corner shelves are great storage ideas that are easy, fast and cheap.

Garage wall tool holder: Chances are you have shovels, rakes, garden tools and brooms cluttering up your garage, but not a great deal of wall to hang them on. If this is the case, you can cut a couple 16 x 16-in pieces off a 1/2-in piece of plywood and screw them at a slight upward angle to a wall stud. Now you can simply slide your tools in.

  1. Have your Garage Door Inspected

Your overhead garage door experiences a lot of wear and tear being opened thousands of times a year. If you keep it in good working condition, it offers security and convenience. However, a neglected garage door won’t just become noisy, but could also pose a substantial risk to your family.

Having your garage door tuned-up annually can ensure quiet operation, reliability and safety. It will ensure your garage door stays in good working order.

By giving your garage a tune-up, you’re not only improving the appearance of your garage, you’re also improving your state of mind. When you have a visually pleasing living space, you’ll enjoy your time spent in it and find it more calming.