How Does a Garage Exhaust Fan Work

Cars give off invisible gases and are a huge source of pollution since they have internal combustion engines. On the outside, you would hardly notice the carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxide continuously coming from the tail pipe of a running car. However, when inside your garage or other enclosed area, these gases, in high concentrations, can rise to dangerous levels. How then can you keep your air fresh and clean?

The answer: garage exhaust fans.

Garages need proper ventilation. Even though a garage is typically sealed off from the other parts of the home, contaminants and gases can enter the home from the garage when the door is open.

The garage fan will help with this. Each time you pull in your garage with your car, the fan turns on and remains on for around 20 minutes removing the fumes from your garage.

Although garage exhaust fans are likely not considered a most valued component of your garage, they are, however, an essential part of it. Exhaust fans will not just benefit the people using their garage, but its contents as well.

These fans help to avert fume buildup when inside a garage that’s closed. This happens when you leave your car running in your garage. Other pollutants that can cause fume buildup include gasoline, glues, paints, and other chemicals which are typically stored in the garage. You can also use the garage exhaust fan to heat and cool the air temperature.

How They Function
These fans are used for taking away air trapped in a garage and circulating it. This process helps to eliminate excessive dangerous smells, fumes, and moisture, which are commonly found inside garages. You can use exhaust fans while in the garage or out of it. You can operate the fan through a control which is usually on the garage door opener or light switch.

Type of Fan
The types of work you do in your garage and how much time you spend in it will determine what type of fan you need. If you happen to spend a great deal of time in a ‘shop’ in your garage, you will want to get the absolute best ventilation possible. You can pick from different fan sizes and each will direct air outflow to support proper ventilation when in closed areas where harmful chemicals are usually stored.

A couple options include:

a ceiling mounted garage exhaust fan

a wall-mounted garage exhaust fan

It’s important to know your exact garage dimensions. This is needed to obtain the right garage exhaust fan. Determine the location you will be using it. In some cases, you may need to specifically purchase a window, wall or roof mount due to your garage design. Other considerations consist of how much you are able to spend and any extra features.