How Much Do Attic Fans Cost?

Attic fans are an essential component of any household ventilation system. They are installed on the roof or in the attic and work to exhaust hot and stale air, keeping the attic cool and dry. In doing so, they improve indoor air quality, prevent moisture buildup, and reduce energy costs.

The Benefits of Attic Fans

  1. They help reduce the strain on your HVAC system by venting hot air out of the attic before it reaches your living space. This reduces the need for excessive air conditioning that is fighting against the hot air that leaches out of your attic, which can significantly cut down on your energy bill.
  2. By venting moisture and stale air out of the attic, they prevent mold and mildew growth, which can cause health problems and damage to your home's structure.
  3. They help regulate the temperature in your attic, which can prolong the life of your roof and reduce the risk of ice dams during the winter months.


So, how much do attic fans cost? The cost of an attic fan depends on several factors, including the type, size, and brand. Generally, there are two types of attic fans: roof-mounted and gable-mounted. Roof-mounted fans are installed on the roof, while gable-mounted fans are installed on the side of the attic.

Roof-mounted attic fans may be more expensive to purchase and install compared to gable-mounted attic fans.

There is no single factor that determines the price of any type of attic fan; however, attic fans with a larger cooling capacity and more features generally run more expensive than their smaller counterparts. For example, a smart attic fan like the Smart Energy Saver Attic Roof Fan AFR SMT-2.0 moves 2116 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and allows you to control it from your smartphone. This extra power, along with its energy-saving design and smart features makes the cost run higher than other alternatives.

Due to all of these factors, the range for the cost of an attic fan runs from around $100 - $500.

Our Attic Fans
Smart Energy Saver Attic Gable Fan AFG SMT-3.0: This attic fan is easy to install without any complicated wiring and has energy-saving and smart features. It costs $299.

Smart Energy Saver Attic Roof Fan AFR SMT-2.0: This is a powerful, energy-efficient, and smart attic fan that costs $419.

Smart Professional Attic Gable Fan with Smart Control 2860 CFM: This gable fan efficiently ventilates large spaces and comes with smart features, but is on the more affordable side at only $189.

Gable Attic Fan 14” with 40 Watt Solar Panel: This energy-efficient gable attic fan comes with a solar panel that powers the attic fan to help you save even more money on utility bills. It costs $299.

14” Solar Attic Fan 40 W Panel: This roof-mounted attic fan is powered by a 40 Watt solar panel and comes with an adjustable bracket for maximum exposure to sunlight. It costs $369.