How to Clean Your Whole House Fan

Whole house fans are beneficial devices that help keep homes cool, especially during the summer months. This cooling solution works by balancing the air flow. They push hot air through vents and draw in cooler air from open windows and doors.

The continual rapid exchange of air is what makes house fans so effective. Homeowners often prefer whole house fans rather than central air conditioning units because they use can save 90 percent on their air conditioning bill if they use one.

While a whole house fan may not be ideal in environments that experience really high levels of humidity continually, it has great cooling properties when it’s properly maintained. And, they are highly effective in many temperate climates.

Since whole house fans move a lot of air, they should be cleaned regularly.

How to Clean A Whole House Fan
Whenever you are attempting to clean a whole house fan, safety is key. Before you begin cleaning it make sure you turn the power supply off. The blades spin very fast and you can get your hands or fingers caught in them if you don’t take this precaution.

Whole house fans can experience a buildup of dust. Dust can accumulate on the blades and motor. However, when too much dust accumulates on the housing motor this can cause the motor to overheat, which could decrease the life of the fan. Simply dusting your whole house fan on a regular basis can help ensure that it stays in working condition.

Use a Household Cleaner
You can use basically any type of standard household cleaning product. A mild and non-abrasive cleaner is effective at removing dust and debris from the blades. You can spray it onto the blades and use a cloth to wipe off the blades. Avoid spraying cleaning solution on to the motor. You can use a slightly damp cloth to remove dust from the fan’s motor.

Clean the Cover
Most whole house fans are equipped with a cover. These covers are often used during the winter months since they help keep the cold air out when the fan isn’t being used. You should also clean the cover and remove lingering dust.

Once you’ve completely cleaned the house fan to your satisfaction you can restore the power. You should clean your whole house fan at least once a year. However, feel free to clean it more often than annually. Some people opt to clean it monthly, while others clean their whole house fan twice a year, when the move they move their clocks forward or backwards for daylight savings time.

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