How to Cool an Older Home

Keeping your cool in an older home can be quite challenging. Many older homes lack the high levels of energy efficiency newer models of homes have. Unfortunately, the design of many older homes prevents you from adding traditional ducts necessary to install central heating and air conditioning units without sacrificing the historic characteristics of the home.

That doesn’t mean you’re out of options for keeping your home cool though. These tips are all worth considering if you want to have your older home and live in it this summer, too.

Consider Investing in a Mini-Duct Air Conditioning System
Mini-duct systems can be highly efficient at cooling small areas of your home. Rather than using large ducts required by traditional central air units, it uses ducts that are smaller in diameter and can run along floor joists in the home.

The downside of this system is that because the ducts are smaller, they must force air out more forcefully, so you won’t want the vents in areas where people congregate lest you create cold spots. The other downside is the cost. Depending on the size of your home, you may require two or more systems to cool effectively, which can add up fast.

Install Ductless Air Conditioning
Another option to consider is the use of ductless air conditioning. These systems can cool a variety of spaces effectively. They create less noise than traditional window air conditioning units as the compressor operates outside your home with the “evaporator” system working on the inside to cool your home.

Buy Portable Air Conditioners for Limited Cooling
Portable air conditioners are highly efficient at cooling small spaces. If you’re primarily interested in zone cooling, this is a cost-effective choice for many people who own older homes and almost anyone who rents an older home and cannot make structural changes to the home.

However, it does have its limitations. Unless you intend to take the unit from room to room with you, it can only cool one designated area at a time – and only according to the size of the unit you purchase. It is important to choose a unit sized right for your living space.

Invest in a Whole House Fan
Perhaps the best option for people who own older homes is the whole house fan. It allows fresh, clean air to be drawn in from lower floor windows and super-heated air to be expelled from the home through vents in the roof. This is ideally used in overnight and early morning areas when the temperatures outside are typically lower than those inside the home and can create a nice cool breeze that keeps everyone comfortable.

The beauty of a whole house fan is that it can be used alone to help cool your home or in combination with window, portable, ductless, and even mini-duct air conditioning systems to provide additional cooling during the hottest hours of the day.

Keeping your cool when the day heats up isn’t always easy if you own an older home. These great methods can help.

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