How to Get Your Whole House Fan Ready for Warmer Weather

Whole house fans are a great alternative to using air conditioners as they efficiently cool down your house while using less energy than an air conditioner. Whole house fans can be used in all seasons to circulate air to regulate temperatures inside the home, reduce the buildup of moisture, and reduce indoor air pollution. In this article, we will discuss how whole house fans work in different seasons and climates and to get your whole house fan ready for warmer weather.

How Do Whole House Fans Work?
Whole house fans are large fans that circulate the air through your home. They are usually installed in the ceiling of the upper story (below the attic) and exhaust air from your home into the attic where it is then exhausted to the outdoors.

Whole house fans cool in two ways:
Circulating dry air throughout the house. Whole house fans reduce the buildup of moisture in your home while also moving air throughout your house. This creates a slight breeze of dry air, keeping you cool.

Whole house fans can also be used effectively by opening windows in your home on hot days. A whole house fan will pull in the cooler, outdoor air, replacing the hot air in your home. It accomplishes this by circulating the cool air from the outside and exhausting the hot air through your attic and out of your home.

Getting Your Whole House Fan Ready For Warmer Weather
Whether or not you use your whole house fan in the winter, it is a good option to winterize it. This means installing an airtight cover on your whole house fan to prevent air leaks and warm air from escaping from your home. Winterizing your whole house fan ensures that you don’t waste any money on the heat in the winter.

So, to get it ready for warm weather, you should de-winterize it. The process is easy enough, as you should know if you winterized your whole house fan, to begin with. It simply involves removing the airtight cover you installed, storing it away for next season, and then removing your attic box if you installed one. The process is easy and will ensure that your whole house fan is running in full capacity when that warm weather hits for the summer.