How to Have a Cool Bedroom Even on Hot Nights

It doesn’t take much for the heat of the day to become trapped inside your home creating some very hot summer nights. If your bedroom is located on the second floor, it can become even hotter. That’s because cold air sinks, leaving people sleeping on the second floor of your home to roast.

Fortunately, there are solutions to consider, besides running the AC and running up your energy bill, that will help you keep your cool and get a good night’s sleep even on hot summer nights.

Get Rid of Items that Bring the Heat
Some items heat up a bedroom just by being turned on. This includes laptops, lamps, televisions, and other electronics. Move them to another room. Or, at least turn them off during the summer months. Opt instead to have screen time elsewhere.

While this will solve the problem in the bedroom, cooking is another thing that brings the heat and extends to the entire house. While you still have to eat in the summer, consider some of the other options instead:

Use a crockpot for cooking
Cook outside
Eat cooler meals (like salads and sandwiches) on the hottest days
Embrace microwave cooking

Also consider blocking radiant heat with light blocking, energy efficient curtains in your bedroom. This helps to prevent heat from coming in, which can do a lot to keep your bedroom cooler. If nothing else, just keep the blinds closed. It won’t block all heat but will keep some of it from coming into your bedroom.

Use a Whole House Fan
Using a whole house fan draws cooler air from the outside of your home into your home through open windows on the first floor of your home. Warm air is then expelled through ventilation along your roof, creating a much cooler atmosphere throughout your home and eliminating unwanted hot air that might keep you awake at night.

You might also consider using an attic fan to cool things off as night approaches. Attic fans work especially well when it’s too warm for whole house fans to be beneficial. They not only help to generate a nice cooling breeze throughout your house, but also to draw out moisture and humidity that can damage your home.

Other Tips to Feel Cool in the Bedroom
Other things you can do to help you keep your cool at night include the following:

Drink something ice cold before bed
Switch to cooler sheets, such as moisture-wicking sheet
Switch your lightbulbs. LED bulbs are much cooler than incandescent bulbs
Soak a washcloth in cool water and place around your neck before going to sleep
Put a bowl of ice cubes behind a fan to blow out cool, moist air

These quick tips will help your bedroom feel cooler even on the hottest summer nights. See what an amazing difference they can make in your home.