How to Install a Quiet Whole House Fan

Does your home become too hot during the summer? A quiet whole house fan is the answer to all your problems! Your first thought might be to buy a brand-new air conditioner, but this cooling system is not the most energy-efficient option. Whole house fans are much better at providing ventilation, pulling in cool air from your open windows, and exhausting hot air through your attic.

Finding a quiet whole house fan for your home

Before installing a whole house fan, you need to buy the most suitable model for your home. The most important thing to consider is its size.

First, calculate the square footage of your home’s interior without including the basement, attic, and garage. Next, multiply that number by 2, and you’ll have the right figures to find a whole house fan.

For example, if your home is 2,000 sq. ft., the best whole house fan to get is one that can move 4,000 CFM of air. If you can’t find an exact measurement, round up to the next size instead of rounding down to prevent underpowering.

Of course, another factor to consider is the amount of noise it generates. If you want a quiet whole house fan, look for models that are belt-driven instead of direct-driven.

How to install a quiet whole house fan

When installing a whole house fan, make sure to follow its manufacturer’s instructions to ensure your safety. Don’t forget to turn off your electricity at the main fuse box to prevent any accidents.

Here are the steps to installing a whole house fan:

  1. Use the template included in the box to cut out a space in your ceiling.
  2. Install the fan using the brackets and hardware included in your box.
  3. Seal the gaps between the joists.
  4. Plug the line cord and start ventilating your home!