How to Prevent Mold Growth in the Attic

You might not be entirely sure if there’s mold growing in your attic. Some tell-tale signs include the presence of musty smells throughout your home, as well as strange and blotchy-looking stains on your walls and wood. Although attic mold isn’t generally an immediate health concern, it still has the potential to damage your space by causing wood to rot, ruining your drywall, and more.

Why Mold Grows in Your Attic

A member of a huge family of fungi, mold grows anywhere there is organic material, moisture and oxygen present. As it reproduces via microscopic spores traveling through the air, it can quickly spread to many other places. Mold also affects your respiratory health as well as causing allergic reactions, so it’s imperative to keep this out of your attic for a whole host of reasons. If you’ve found signs of mold in your attic, you need to act quickly to stop it from spreading and causing severe damage.

How You Can Prevent Mold Growth in Your Attic

The easiest way to stop mold from growing in your attic space is to reduce or eliminate the level of moisture in the air. With this in mind, there are a few ways of preventing mold growth in your attic, including:

Concentrating on improving attic ventilation. You can do this by installing an attic fan as good ventilation is a crucial aspect of preventing mold. A fan keeps moist air moving, reducing build-up and helping keep your space mold free.

Checking your rain gutters. Ensure your gutters are channeling water away from your home so it doesn’t have the chance to seep through walls.

Examining your roof for leaks. A leaky roof equals a surefire way of having a mold problem. Examining your roof and checking for discoloration at the joints is imperative as this change of color shows an excess of moisture. Also, if you identify any areas that need repairing, do so as soon as possible to prevent mold from infiltrating your space.

These are just some of the ways you can prevent the growth of harmful mold in your attic. If you’re unsure about anything relating to mold within your home, always do your research and consult with a professional in the field if you feel you can’t handle the problem yourself. By working to eliminate these potential problems, you’ll find your home is healthier and safer, as well as your family.