How to Prevent Mold in the Attic

If any part of your home is neglected, it’s almost certainly the attic. Unfinished attics in particular get little attention because they serve as a storage place at most. You may find the only time you visit the attic is during the holiday season when you fish out the seasonal decorations.

Yet, the attic is prone to a number of issues that can result in serious problems if you’re not careful. The roof can leak, hot air can get trapped and cause higher temperatures in the rest of your home, pests can nest in your attic, and perhaps worst of all, mold can take root.

Mold is a problem for a couple of reasons. First of all, mold can be toxic to breathe in. Secondly, mold in the attic can spread to other parts of your home. Lastly, mold can lead to structural problems that can be both dangerous and lead to costly repairs.

Steps to Prevent Mold in the Attic
Regularly inspect your attic.
Rather than just going up to your attic once or twice a year, make a habit of inspecting your attic regularly. There’s no need to go up there on a weekly basis, but get in the routine of checking your attic at least once a season.

Regularly inspecting your attic will allow you to identify potential problems early on. For example, roof leaks are something you want to keep an eye on. Roof leaks can cause water damage and make the perfect habitat for mold growth. Inspect the whole attic and pay close attention to water stains on the insulation and wood. Also, check the place where your roof comes together at an angle. If you have plumbing stacks in your attic, this another good place to look out for leaks.

Lastly, if you regularly check your attic, you’ll notice signs of mold faster, making the job of getting rid of it easier.

Properly insulate.
Your attic temperature should roughly match the outdoor temperature throughout the year. Insulating the attic will keep the moisture and temperature within the attic at a healthy level to prevent any mold growth during the summer or winter.

The most effective way to prevent mold growth in the attic is properly ventilating your attic. Warm, humid air from the home rises into the attic where it gets trapped in a poorly ventilated attic. This causes condensation, the perfect environment for mold.

Installing an attic fan, like this Smart Energy Saver Attic Gable Fan, will significantly improve ventilation and ensure that trapped air gets pushed outside.