How to Properly Ventilate Your Garage for the Upcoming Winter

With cold weather fast approaching, it’s a good time to make sure your garage is in good shape for the winter. Namely, you want to ensure that your garage is properly ventilated. A poorly ventilated garage can lead to indoor air pollution leaking into the home and can even lead to structural problems in the garage. During the winter a poorly ventilated garage can lead to other problems, like condensation and ice forming on the floor, especially if you park your vehicle inside the garage.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure your garage is properly ventilated for the upcoming winter. Read on to learn how.

Add air vents
A poorly ventilated garage can easily trap humidity. As temperatures drop that condensation can turn to ice and make for dangerous walking conditions in the garage. If you park your vehicle in the garage during the winter, ice and snow melt from the vehicle can make this problem much worse. Plus, when you start running your vehicle in your garage, it releases carbon monoxide which is extremely dangerous and can be fatal if you breathe it in enough.

A great way to add passive ventilation to your garage is by installing air vents. There are two types of garage vents.

Wall vents: Wall vents work similarly to an open window in the garage, but they remain open to allow air to circulate throughout the day and night. While some wall vents do come with a lever that allows you to close them during cold weather. This is not ideal for winter.

Garage door vents: Garage door vents are a better option for winter and are easier to install yourself than drilling through your garage walls to install vents. Install one vent high up on the garage door and one below it near the floor. This will allow outside air to pass through the bottom vent and inside air to pass out through the top vent.

Buy a garage exhaust fan
Garage exhaust fans are the best and most effective option when it comes to ventilating your garage. They’re great for keeping your garage ventilated year-round. Plus, garage exhaust fans don’t have to be noisy.

The Garage Exhuast Fan QuietCool GA ES-1500 is a quiet option to keep your garage ventilated during every season. With this garage fan, you can keep your garage quiet while you work and you won’t bother the neighbors like you would with other noisier fans. Unlike air vents, garage exhaust fans use active ventilation, which is a more efficient way of circulating air and keeping your garage ventilated.

The fall is a great time to make these improvements before old man winter sets in.