How to Remove Humidity in a Garage Without a Dehumidifier

Garages are often used as a workspace or storage areas for chemical supplies, vehicles, and garbage. This can lead to bad smells, toxic fumes, and humidity. On hot and humid summer days especially you may find that your garage feels like a tropical forest: it’s sticky with high temperatures. Not only does this make working or going into your garage very unpleasant, but if you have an attached garage, that humidity and high temperatures could be seeping into your home.

Now you may think that a dehumidifier is the best way to fight humidity in your garage, but that’s not necessarily the case. There are other more simple and more cost-effective ways to dehumidify your garage that also give you additional benefits besides reduced humidity. Below, we’ll go over some effective ways to remove the humidity from your garage without using a dehumidifier.

Keep your garage door open
Keeping your garage door open as often as you can is the simplest way you can cut down on humidity in your garage while also dissipating the toxic fumes that may be building up inside. An open garage door allows that hot and humid trapped air to move out.

Use a fan
Put a fan into the garage to cut down on humidity levels and keep you cool while you work. You can also try positioning the fan facing the open garage door to better cycle the trapped, polluted air out and fresh air in. However, the best fan to use in a garage is a garage exhaust fan as it can not only help with humidity, but can ventilate toxic air from the garage.

Keep water out
Humid air might not be the only thing contributing to humidity in your garage. Any source of water getting into your garage will evaporate in the heat and stick around. High humidity levels can also lead to mold and mildew so it’s important to address anything that might be bringing additional moisture inside. This can include leaks, wet equipment or vehicles, poor drainage, and indoor plants.

Add more windows
You might want to consider adding more windows to your garage if you have a circulation and ventilation problem. Also, more windows can bring in more natural light and make your garage a more appealing workspace. Adding more windows increases circulation and allows wind and outside air to cycle through the garage and improve ventilation.

Get Your Garage Exhaust Fan from
Installing a garage exhaust fan is one of the most effective ways to remove humidity and keep humidity in check throughout the season. Quiet Cool garage exhaust fans are energy efficient and pump hot, humid, and polluted trapped air out of your garage and cycle cooler, dryer, and fresher air inside.