How to Remove Winter Condensation and Humidity in Your Garage

Garages are built to keep out water from rain and flooding; however, even in the best-sealed garages, water can still find its way in the form of humidity. If you live in an area with different seasons, you’ve probably noticed that in the winter your garage is very cold, and in the summer it’s usually hot. This is because most garages aren’t designed to regulate temperature like the rest of your house.

On hot summer days, the humidity in your garage can hang in the air, and as temperatures cool, they stick to surfaces in the garage and can build up into the winter months. Below we discuss article, the causes of garage humidity, the problems that follow from it, and how you can address this problem.

Causes of Winter Condensation and Humidity in Your Garage
Two main culprits of winter condensation and humidity in the garage include:

Lack of Ventilation
Many garages don’t have any ventilation systems, leading to poor airflow. Poor airflow prevents proper ventilation and traps air in your garage. When humid air gets trapped in your garage and comes into contact with the cold garage floor, it starts to condense, forming water droplets. This process continues as more humid air gets trapped and condenses, and can often lead to serious problems.

Vehicles Parked in Garage with Rain, Snow, and Ice
Another common cause of condensation and humidity in your garage is keeping a car inside that has rain, snow, or ice on it. If your car is covered in rain or snow and you drive it into your garage, you will be significantly adding to the amount of moisture in the air and therefore making the problem worse.

Problems Caused by Garage Condensation and Humidity
There are a host of problems that can occur from humidity in your garage. First of all, humidity in your garage can cause the floors to become slippery, and this is an early sign that your garage has a winter condensation and humidity problem. If the problem gets worse and you do not address it, mold and mites can even appear.

How to Fix Winter Condensation and Humidity in Your Garage
There are a few ways you can fix this problem including controlling the temperature inside your garage and drying off the car before parking it in your garage. However, the best and easiest solution is one that addresses the root of the problem: poor ventilation.

In order to most effectively eliminate humidity in your garage, you will need to make sure your garage is ventilated like the rest of your house. You can do this by simply installing a garage exhaust fan. Check out the QuietCool GA ES-1500 Garage Exhaust Fan that we offer here at which comes with a money-back guarantee.