How to Sleep Cool Without an Air Conditioner

There’s arguably nothing worse that lying in bed tossing and turning and feeling too hot. The summer heat is unfortunately unavoidable for most of us. But, how do you keep your room cool when you don’t have air conditioning?

You might think it’s impossible. We have some hints, tips and tricks to help you stay cool at night when the temperatures are soaring outside. Take a look!

Choose cotton sheets. Dress your bed with lightweight and light colored cotton sheets. These promote ventilation and are breathable.

Make your own air conditioner. Put a pan of ice in front of a fan. The breeze creates a cold mist by picking up cold water from the surface of the melting ice.

Install a whole house fan. A whole house fan is a wonderful substitute for air conditioning. It’s installed on the ceiling between your living space and attic.

Put your bedding in the freezer. Put your sheets in the fridge or freezer for a while before retiring to bed. Even though it won’t last all night, you’ll love the feeling of being enveloped by cold.

Use a cold water bottle. Fill a hot water bottle with cold water and place it in the freezer to create a giant ice pack.

Cover yourself in a damp sheet. Dampen a sheet or towel with cool water. Use this like a blanket to keep you cool.

Apply cold compresses. Put cold ice packs on your pulse points at your ankles, behind your knees, on your wrists, groin, neck and elbows.

Sleep alone. Snuggling up with a partner creates added body heat. Try sleeping on your own if you’re really just too hot.

Drink water. Drink a glass of water before bed. Sweating throughout the night can cause you to become dehydrated

Take a cool shower. Taking a cold shower brings down your core temperature. It also rinses off sweat so you feel cool and clean.

Sleep on the floor. Hot air rises. With this in mind, place your mattress and bedding on the floor or sleep in the basement.

Don’t use the stove. Don’t eat piping hot foods when the weather is hot. Instead, eat cool salads and lighter meals. Legumes, vegetables and fruits are good for keeping you cool. They’re easier to metabolize so your body doesn’t need to produce lots of heat during the process.

There are plenty of ways to stay cool without an air conditioner. Put some of the above into practice today!