How Whole House Fans Beat the Heat

Much of the U.S. is in the midst of a massive heat wave at the moment, with CNN reporting that approximately 54 million people in 12 states are under heat advisories. You don’t need to have temperatures soaring over the century mark to feel the heat. But you can keep your cool a little bit longer by using your whole house fan to work smarter, not harder, in beating the heat this summer. These are just a few ways your whole house fan can work for you.

Reduces the Amount of Hot Air Trapped in the Attic
One thing you don’t want to store in the attic of your home is hot air. Eventually it seeps down into the lower, living areas of the home. Before that, though, it can cause damage to your roof and shingles greatly reducing your roof’s lifespan. A whole house fan system works by drawing cool air in through windows on the lower floors and pushing the warm air out of the home through vents located in the attic. This helps you bring fresh clean air into your home and in the attic so that it’s not nearly as hot as it would be otherwise.

Use your whole house fan in the morning and night, anytime the temperature outside is cooler than it is inside, to maximize its efficiency and overall effect on the temperature inside your home. In fact, you should only use your whole house fan when the temperature outside is cooler than inside, otherwise the result will be raising the temperature inside your home instead.

“Traps” Cold Air Inside the Home
When used in the early hours of the morning, before starting your day, you can trap colder air inside your home that will remain throughout a large portion of the day. If you close your doors and windows immediately after turning the fan off, and keep them closed, your home can retain a great deal of the early morning or overnight coolness that was drawn in. This reduces the burden on your air conditioner without causing you to lose your cool.

Using your whole house fan wisely can not only help you keep your home cooler on the hottest days of summer, but it can also stretch your summer budget by causing your air conditioner to not kick on as often. This means huge savings on utilities without feeling like you’re making big sacrifices in the area of comfort to enjoy them.

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