Importance of Air Circulation in a Garage

Whether you spend a lot of time in your garage or not, air circulation in your garage is something you should devote some degree of thought into. It’s best to consider this when building your home, but if you have a garage that doesn’t have air circulation, now is the time to begin thinking about changes that could make it happen. These are just a few of the many reasons it’s so important.

Regulates the Temperature Inside Your Home
It’s true. The temperature in your attached garage impacts the temperature inside your home. When it’s hot outside, the temperature inside your garage tends to soar. Keeping the temps inside your garage more reasonable can assist in reducing the strain on your air conditioner (not to mention electric bill) throughout the worst heat summer has to throw in your direction.

Reduces Buildup of Moisture in Your Garage
We all know the risk of humidity lingering in the nooks and crannies of your garage space. Before you know it, you could easily have a full-fledged mold nightmare to deal with. Garage exhaust fans can help draw moisture out of the garage and release it into the air outside. Not only is this helpful for reducing and eliminating mold, but also in preventing rust from forming on expensive tools and machinery you store in your garage.

Ventilates the Area and Provides Fume Control
Perhaps the most important reason to keep the air inside your garage is to make it more breathable. People often use garage space as work space for home improvement projects, auto repairs, and more. The chemicals used to clean, paint, glue, etc. all produce fumes that can be noxious in a well ventilated area. Combine heat with closed-in spaces and it can be a full-on health risk for anyone walking by. All those fumes trapped in a tight space can seep into your home and make your family sick too.

Circulating the air with a garage exhaust fan can help to force the bad air out while drawing good air in. It’s the perfect combination for keeping the air inside your garage healthy to breathe whatever project you happen to be working on.

Indoor air quality is a huge concern. Attached garages contribute to the poor state of indoor air quality in many homes throughout the U.S. Circulating the air better will go a long way towards improving the air inside your home. The key, of course, is to find the right fix for your air flow and circulation needs. Working with professionals will help with that.

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