Importance of Air Circulation in a Garage

Many homeowners are concerned today about garage ventilation. This is because it can be dangerous when your garage is not ventilated properly. There are a number of toxic fumes that invade your garage such as your car’s exhaust fumes. When you don’t have proper ventilation of these fumes, they can become trapped inside your garage walls and get into your home, which can cause a health hazard.

There is also heat build-up in your garage, which is another reason it’s important to get proper air circulation in it. Since your garage doesn’t have a whole lot of air space, it can get really stuffy. Thankfully, there are ways you can improve the air circulation in your garage to safeguard your health and help you feel more comfortable while spending time in your garage.

Windows and Doors
Although you don’t want to keep your doors and windows open all the time (for safety reasons), you can open them up while you are home to improve airflow. If you don’t have windows in your garage, you can have them installed by a carpenter or window installation company.

To get the best airflow, open up windows vertical to your garage door on opposite sides. You can still maintain your privacy and security by having window locks installed or having the glass of your windows frosted so nobody can see in your garage.

If your garage doesn’t already have rooftop vents, you might want to consider installing some. Box vents, turbine vents and gable vents help to improve air flow but don’t pose the risk of animals or people getting into your garage.

Install a Garage Exhaust Fan
There is probably a good chance you spend some time in your garage working. If you do, investing in a garage exhaust fan might be well worth the investment. Garage exhaust fans will help keep your work area cool while spending time in your garage.

Importantly, garage exhaust fans will also exhaust out the fumes of insecticides, paints, primers, parked cars and other things you have inside your garage that you store. These fumes can get overwhelming and are not good for you. These fans help draw fumes like these outside your garage.

Also, although these fans might not prevent all the heat from getting into your garage, they can certainly make your garage more comfortable. They also help to vent moisture out of your garage which can lead to mildew and mold causing your expensive tools to rust and not something you want to breathe in.

Air circulation is very important in your garage and shouldn’t be overlooked. You can properly ventilate your garage, cool it off and get rid of toxic fumes simply by installing a garage exhaust fan.

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