Introducing the QuietCool 2,116 CFM – Professional Attic Roof Mount Fan

Summer temperatures can get up to 90 degrees or more in many locations, but the temperature in your attic and on your roof can get much higher. This extreme heat can cause your shingles to deteriorate, make your home uncomfortable and even shorten your roof’s lifespan.

You can bring the temperature of your attic down during the summertime by ensuring your home’s well ventilated. Ventilating your home well will also help protect your home from this type of damage. Although bringing outdoor air into your house in the summer (and winter) might not seem logical, attic ventilation is recommended by HVAC experts and roofers alike.

Most all homeowners can benefit from installing attic roof mount fans to ensure proper ventilation at the right level. But which attic roof mount fan should you choose?

The QuietCool 2,116 CFM Professional Attic Roof Mount Fan is the first of its kind. When the attic becomes much hotter than the temperature outdoors during the summer, it can seriously impact your homes inside temperature. You can cool your attic with the attic roof mount fan to the same temperature as the outdoors. And, you can do this without causing any temperature swings inside the home. By simply installing an attic fan, you can save a lot on your energy bill in the summertime.

Not only will you cool down your home and attic and save money on your energy bills, you will also prolong your home and roof by preventing:

Excessive heat

So, let’s go over some of the features of the QuietCool 2,116 CFM Professional Attic Roof Mount Fan.

Save on Energy Costs
We already discussed how this fan can help you save on energy costs. This Smart attic fan keeps your attic much cooler than a standard single-speed attic fan will.

Built-In Thermostat and Humidistat
No longer will you need to manually adjust your attic fan thermostat. With the QuietCool Smart attic fan, there’s a built-in thermostat and humidistat. Its 10-speed ECM motor consistently checks the humidity and temperature levels and adjusts as needed.

It’s a Smart Fan
When this smart fan detects humidity going over 60 percent or temperatures rising above 80 degrees, it kicks on at its lowest speed. It adjusts its speed automatically as it warms up.

USA Quality
The AFR SMT-2.0 is built in the United States and has a 98 percent customer satisfaction rate.

High-Speed Volume with Low Watt Usage
The QuietCool 2,116 CFM Professional Attic Roof Mount Fan moves 2,116 CFM of air at its highest speed and only uses 170 watts. It moves 743 CFM of air on its lowest speed setting and uses only 15 watts. You will require 42-inch minimum attic clearance in order to install the AFR SMT-2.0 fan.

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