Is Your Home’s Cooling Systems Ready for Summer?

When the weather is hot, your home’s cooling system can become your best friend. Therefore, it’s only natural you’d want to get it ready for summer. Below you’ll find five ways to prepare your cooling system so it cools your home effectively, keeping you comfortable during the hot season.

  1. Replace the Filters
    You’ll want to replace or clean your filters more often during the summertime, at least once a month. When your filters are clean, it keeps them properly working, helping to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

  1. Clean your Outdoor Unit
    Leaves, branches and other debris can find their way into your outdoor HVAC system during the winter and spring. It’s important the coils are checked to ensure they’re clean and nothing is blocking or obstructing your system. Before you clean your unit, be sure the power is off. Move any yard items or garden tools a minimum of two to three feet away from the system.

  1. Seal Air Leaks
    Sealing air leaks in your house can increase your air conditioner’s efficiency. Caulk around windows and doors, replace deteriorating weather stripping and seal around plumbing fixtures and exterior electrical outlets.

    Leaky ductwork can reduce your cooling system’s energy efficiency, so you’ll want to make sure you have a HVAC professional come in to perform a pressure test to see if your AC system’s ductwork is wasting money and energy. Get rid of leaks and improve your AC system’s performance and efficiency by having these professionals insulate and seal your ducts.

  1. Check the Drain Line
    Excess moisture is drained when your air conditioning system is operating. You should check this drain line periodically to ensure there are no blockages. To check the drain line, while your AC is running, look to see if there is water coming out of the outdoor drain. If you don’t see any, it could be a sign your drain line is clogged.

  1. Hire a Professional Now
    If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t have the expertise or experience to identify and repair a problem with the innovative home cooling systems today. You’ll want to hire a certified HVAC professional who has this expertise and training to diagnose problems and quickly repair them.

    Make note, HVAC professionals tend to be busy in the summer, spending a great deal of time responding to calls. So, you’ll want to contact them before the summer hits to come out and inspect your system to ensure it’s operating at peak efficiency.

Another way to keep your home cool and save money and energy is by installing and using a whole house fan instead of your air conditioning system. These work best in moderate climates and will give your AC unit a break.