It's Time to Winterize Your Whole House Fan

A whole house fan is the ideal way to cool your house during mild weather and reduce your need for AC. But, if you're living in a climate that becomes very cold in the wintertime, you don't want the heat being blown out of your home by your whole house fan. 

Generally, whole house fans are installed in an interior hallway in a ceiling. There is a metal louver on the whole house fan, which closes when you're not operating the fan. However, the louver doesn't properly insulate and form an airtight seal. During the winter, because of this, it allows substantial amounts of heat to get through and escape the fan. Since the fan is frequently found close to thermostats, it could affect the comfort of your home a lot more than you may think.

Try a Winterized Insert
One way to combat this is to use a winterized insert.

You can use this insert to help insulate your Quiet Cool whole house fan further. You put it behind the grill. Keep in mind, however, it won't work with Quiet Cool Fans that are older than 2019 - just for the newer ES and CL 6000 and 7000 models.

Decrease noise from changes in pressure in conditions that are windy and prevent loss of heat in the wintertime by simply installing a winter insulation insert into your fan. It's made for a reduced thermal transfer and solid airtight seal. It enables you to winterize your fan but without having to climb up into your attic.

The winterized insert whole house fan kit is the ideal solution for individuals living in colder climates. It keeps the cold drafts out of your attic. You just:

  • Insert the kit in the wintertime
  • Take it out in the warmer months
  • Enjoy your whole house fan
  • Place it back during the wintertime

It comes with a removable grille and winterized insert.

Areas you may have to winterize your whole house fan include:

Colder Northern Regions
A Lot of the United States experiences warm or hot summers with cool or cold winters. In the country's cold northern regions, you'll generally find whole house fans are efficient in the later spring and early fall with no use or little use in the summer.

When temperatures are especially mild, you can use the whole house fan throughout the warm season. However, a lot of areas are just too humid or hot to operate a whole house fan in the summer and the air conditioner will likely be required. But, once winter appears, a whole house fan becomes unstable. And when the colder winds start coming in, you're going to have to winterize your home and this means you'll have to seal your whole house fan as well.

Warmer Southern Regions
In the warm climates, a whole house fan is frequently used in a completely opposite manner. They're used in the winter and sealed up in the summer.

 No matter where you live, if winter does eventually hit, you'll need a way to winterize your whole house fan. These winterized inserts will do the trick.  Purchase your Quiet Cool whole house fan winterized insert today.