June is Garage Door Safety Month

The Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA) together with the International Door Association (IDA) have designated the month of June as Garage Door Safety Month. During this month they intend to educate consumers about safety issues related to garage doors and their operation.

Why the Need for Garage Door Safety?

The garage door is the single largest moving object in the average American home. When properly installed, maintained, and tested these doors offer trouble-free operation. However, when improperly installed or poorly maintained, these doors can close with destructive and/or deadly force if someone or something is in its path.

That extends to:


You get the picture. Without the proper safety measures in place and working effectively, your garage door can place you, your possessions, and your loved ones at great risk.

Safety Guidelines for Garage

Below you will find a few key precautions and safety reminders to help you avoid many possible disasters that may occur as a result of your garage door system.

Teach your children not to play “beat the door” games where they attempt to run under the door before it comes all the way down.

Don’t let children observe you racing the door either (they learn far more from what they see you do than what you tell them not to do).

Don’t allow children to play with garage door openers.

Install wall openers for your garage beyond the reach of your children.

Teach your children to keep hands, fingers, etc. away from the joints, hinges, springs, and other parts of your garage doors to avoid injuries.

Test safety features on your garage door monthly to make sure it will reverse properly if someone or something obstructs the path.

Replace garage doors made prior to January 1, 1993 that do not have advanced safety features installed to protect children, pets, and property.

Garage safety is not something you think about every day, which is why these organizations have set aside an entire month to focus on improving garage door safety – so your family never needs to experience an unnecessary tragedy related to your garage door.

Other safety features you might want to consider for your garage includes installing a garage exhaust fan. Not only will this fan help to expel hot air from your garage, regulating the temperature much more effectively, but it can also rid your garage of toxic fumes and unwanted condensation.

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