Myths of Whole House Fans

While many people are beginning to recognize the value of whole house fans, some people are still
reluctant to consider them based on a few unfortunate myths circulating about them. Keep reading as we dispel a few common myths about whole house fans.

Myth: They are Noisy

Fact: Whole house fans are actually super quiet. People often mistake them with the attic fans of the
1970’s. Those fans made things like holding conversations, watching television, and even sleeping
a challenge because of the noise they produced. Whole house fans are extremely quiet, including QuietCool Whole House Fans, and will not interrupt the daily operation of your household.

Myth: They are Expensive

Fact: The truth is that whole house fans pay for themselves very quickly in energy savings along. Because they keep homes cooler, longer into the day, it is unnecessary to turn on your air conditioner, which consumes considerably more energy, until much later in the day. This saves a significant amount of money over the course of one summer – not to mention warmer days throughout the year. Additionally, some utility companies will provide substantial rebates to customers who install qualifying whole house fans. The other financial benefit of whole house fan is that they reduce wear and tear on your air conditioning unit(s).

Myth: They are Difficult and Time Consuming to Install

Fact: Installation of whole house fans is necessary, but it is not difficult. In fact, contractors and people who are handy with DIY projects at home should have little difficulty installing whole house fans as they are generally pre-assembled and ready to install straight out of the box. The average homeowner who knows his or her way around a toolbox can install a whole house fan in around an hour.

Myth: They Cannot be Used with Air Conditioning

Fact: Whole house fans are designed to be used in a partnership with air conditioning, though not
simultaneously, to keep your house cool. Use the whole house fan at night, when temperatures are
generally lower, through to the warmer parts of the day when you switch to using air conditioning for more advanced cooling. It helps to lower your energy consumption while keeping you nice and cool all day and night.

Myth: They Aren’t Made in the USA

Fact:. The components in your whole house fan are UL listed, made, and assembled in the U.S. At, we stand behind the quality of our whole house fans with a 60 day risk-free purchase and offer warranties of various lengths..

Separating myth from fact should help you make a more informed decision about whether a whole house fan is the right call for you. Contact us at Whole House Fan at 1.888.229.5757 to discuss any questions you have.