New Whole House Fans For 2013!

Innovating and improving the whole house fan marketplace the Quiet Cool manufacturing company has released 3 new fans for the 2013 cooling season.

The Quiet Cool QC-6400

This is the most powerful ducted inline whole house fan ever developed. The QC-6400 moves a whopping 6,418 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air, at the incredible sound level of 49-50 decibels in the living area of your home! Get more information on this powerful whole house fan: QC-6400.

The Quiet Cool QC-4700

Moving 4757 CFM this is another powerful whole house fan. Like other Quiet Cool fans, this one includes a built-in damper to seal your living space and attic when not in use. It’s also rated at about 48 decibels, extremely quiet for a fan moving this much air. Get more information on the fan: QC-4700.

The Quiet Cool ES-5400

ES – stands for energy saving. While powered on high, the ES-5400 will consume 358 watts of electricity while moving over 5400 CFM of air a minute. This is a very efficient fan and also the most powerful to date in the Quiet Cool Energy Saver series. Learn more here: QC ES-5400.

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