Optimizing Home Comfort: Top Quiet Attic Fan Solutions

Is your attic summer-ready? It can quickly become a scorching zone during the summer, sometimes reaching temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit without proper ventilation. This trapped heat can reduce your home's overall cooling efficiency and make your living spaces uncomfortably hot.

The good news is that you can combat this issue with a quiet attic exhaust fan. Here at Whole House Fan, we offer a variety of options to help you cool your attic effectively.

An attic exhaust fan works by pulling hot air out of your attic space and venting it outside. This helps to lower the overall temperature in your attic so that it doesn’t radiate heat down into your living areas. You just need sufficient roof venting for optimal performance. Aim for at least one square foot of attic vent space for every 300 square feet of attic floor area. Most homes already have roof venting installed, but it's a good idea to double-check before purchasing an exhaust fan to ensure a smooth installation process.
Here at Whole House Fan, we offer attic fans in two popular configurations:

  1. Wired

A wired, quiet attic fan runs using the electricity in your home. One of its benefits is it can keep functioning, even at nighttime. Are you worried about its energy consumption? We offer Smart Attic Fans that can move more air efficiently on minimum wattage, thanks to the built-in Electronic Commutated Motor (ECM).

Here are some of the Quiet Cool wired attic fans we carry:

  • Smart Attic Fan

The QuietCool Smart Attic Fan runs 2801 CFM on the highest setting at only 148 watts. On low speed, it moves 1337 CFM at 22 watts. This quiet attic fan is controllable from the Quiet Cool App via Bluetooth, allowing you to adjust the fan’s timer and speed no matter where you are at home. In addition, you can make a custom preset to suit your cooling needs. The app also lets you see the attic’s humidity and temperature at a glance to help you make informed choices for your cooling.

  • Professional Attic Gable Fan (with Smart Control)

We carry another option if you require a more powerful attic exhaust fan. Quiet Cool Smart Professional Attic Gable Fan with Smart Control is perfect for ventilating up to 4,000 square feet of attic space with an energy-efficient two-speed PSC motor. That makes it effective at keeping the space cooler than a generic attic fan. Plus, you’ll appreciate its special features, like the fire safety sense shut-up and plug-and-play setup. The fan offers 2860 CFM of airflow on the highest setting and 2081 CFM on the lowest setting.

  • Smart Energy Saver Attic Roof Fan

Quiet Cool’s state-of-the-art attic fan offers 3-speed, energy-efficient, smart cooling that keeps your energy bills in check. It has a cutting-edge ECM that ensures powerful airflow of up to 2116 CFM on the highest setting while using minimal energy. The quiet attic fan comes with a Smart Control App that also shows the attic’s humidity and temperature so you know when to turn it on or off. Plus, the control’s auto-adjustment feature lets you run the fan only when necessary.

  1. Solar-powered

A solar-powered attic exhaust fan depends on the sun’s power to run during the day. It’s an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for ventilating your attic. It will stop running when the sun goes down, but you can install an AC/DC inverter for round-the-clock cooling. With this option, the fan runs on solar energy in the daytime and with your home’s electricity at night. Outdoor air is usually cooler at night, and you can take advantage of this to keep your attic cool.

Here are some of the solar-powered attic exhaust fans we carry:

  • Gable Attic Fan 14”

This fan comes with a 40-watt solar panel and moves 1486 CFM of air. It doesn’t require any complex wiring, resulting in a simple plug-and-play installation. Meanwhile, the built-in preset thermostat takes the guesswork out of setting the quiet attic fan.

  • 14” Solar attic fan with a 40-watt solar panel

This powerful solar-powered attic exhaust fan can move 1092 CFM of hot air. It doesn’t require any wiring, and it comes with a built-in inverter that makes it switch to electricity when the sun sets, eliminating the need to turn it off or on. Plus, the built-in preset thermostat ensures the fan turns on at 88 degrees and switches off at 77 degrees. The fan’s energy-efficient DC motor doesn’t require maintenance, and the adjustable bracket ensures maximum exposure for the solar panels.

Why Quiet Cool?

At Whole House Fan, we carefully choose every quiet attic fan to ensure ventilation that won’t disrupt your relaxation and peace at home. Each Quiet Cool attic exhaust fan offers whisper-quiet operation with an advanced design that minimize vibrations and noise. Additionally, its products optimize energy use, so you won’t have to worry about your utility bills throughout the warm months.

If you’re environmentally conscious, choosing a quiet attic fan is an eco-friendly choice. It promotes green living and reduces your carbon footprint for worry-free cooling. An attic exhaust fan reduces the heat that can make your home super-heated during the summer. In turn, it keeps the A/C ducting cooler to reduce the load on your central air conditioner. This means your A/C can operate more efficiently to keep your living spaces cooler.

For a cooler, long-lasting home

Installing an attic exhaust fan is not only about keeping your attic cool throughout the summer. It can also benefit you in other ways.

  • Cooler living spaces: A quiet attic fan minimizes heat penetration from the attic to help keep your living spaces cooler.
  • Protect the roof: Too much heat in the attic can damage your roof. With an attic exhaust fan, you can minimize roofing repairs and replacements, ultimately saving you money down the road.
  • Protect your belongings: Do you store things in your attic? A quiet attic fanwill help preserve them by preventing humidity and moisture issues that can cause damage.

A smart choice for your home

It takes just one attic exhaust fan to experience those benefits. Whether you want a gable or rooftop attic fan, we have the ideal solution to meet your cooling requirements. If you need help choosing a quiet attic fan, call 1-661-775-5979 for free expert advice on a weekday from 7 AM to 5 PM (PST).