Pre-Cool Your Home with a Whole House Fan

Using a whole house fan to precool your home can substantially cut your energy costs this upcoming summer. Whole house fans cost considerably less to operate than home air conditioning units — and they are highly efficient at cooling your home when the temperatures outside dip lower, generally during the night and early morning hours.

Using your whole house fan during times when the temperatures outside are lower, allows you to draw fresh, cool air into your home, while expelling superheated air through vents in your roof, creating a nice comfortable breeze while your family sleeps and creating a nice comfortable environment in your home.

By doing this, your home is sufficiently precooled when the new day begins. Why is this beneficial? A pre-cooled home will stay cooler longer, allowing you to reserve your air conditioner usage until the temperatures in your home begin to become uncomfortable. On some days, you will find that you have done a sufficient job of precooling your home that using your air conditioner at all is unnecessary.

While this isn’t always the case, you can reduce your dependence on higher-costing, less efficient air conditioning in your home to a large degree during spring and summer months if you live in most of the U.S. This is better for your budget and better for the planet in the long run.

Considerations Before Choosing Your Whole House Fan

There are a few differences from one whole house fan to the next so keep these things in mind before you buy your fan, so you can make the choice that is best for you.

What’s the weather like in your location? Are you looking for a whole house fan to help provide year-round comfort while reducing your energy bills or something that can assist your air conditioning in spring and fall months while continuing to rely heavily on your home’s air conditioning during hot humid summer months?

How often do you plan to use your whole house fan for pre-cooling or cooling your home? If this is something you plan to use daily, then it’s important to invest in one that’s built for daily use rather than occasional use.

What types of features are most important to you? There are features that lower the noise level of whole house fans (many of them are extremely quiet today though), automation, and greater energy efficiency – even with whole house fans, some models are more energy efficient than others.

Precooling your home is an excellent choice for creating a home atmosphere that is not only more comfortable for you and your family, but also more cost-effective and energy efficient. Everyone wins!

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