Pros and Cons of Ventilating Your Garage

Poor garage ventilation isn't good news for two important reasons.

  • First, the chemicals and fumes that are generated from your tools, machinery and your vehicle can seep into other areas of your home.
  • Second, the buildup of heat in an attached garage in the summertime also makes the remainder of your house uncomfortable.

To properly vent a garage, a lot of homeowners invest in things like garage exhaust fans to help with airflow. Below are some pros and cons of ventilating your garage.

Pros of Garage Ventilation
Some advantages of garage ventilation are:

Cools your Garage
In the summertime and other times during the year, if you're finding your garage is very hot, you might want to think about installing a garage exhaust fan. Garage exhaust fans help ventilate your garage and cool it down.

Pushes Out Harmful Toxins
A garage can be used as a workshop, home gym, man cave or in another way. Garage ventilation with exhaust fans can help push out:

  • Heat
  • Stale air
  • Smoke
  • Harmful gases

This provides you with a more comfortable and safer place. Garage ventilation fans draw VOC gases or odors out that could accumulate and pollute your garage. This leaves you with fresher and healthier air in your garage. You can find various wall mounted and ceiling garage fan solutions.

Keeps the Rest of your Home Comfortable
Your garage can not only become unpleasant if it's colder or warmer than the rest of your home and has strong odors, but it could also impact the rest of your home negatively. If your garage is too cold or hot, then your adjacent rooms will be impacted. You can't stop this transfer of cold air or heat either. Your best way of combating this issue is plenty of air movement.

Your garage will only become as cool as the outside temperature. But, when you install one or more exhaust fans, it can help keep the temperature in your garage reasonable.

Cools Your Attic
The problems with heated garages are having attic space over the garage and not having adequate ventilation inside the garage. When you don't have sufficient airflow, both your attic and inside your garage stay hot for lengthy periods. Garage fans will cool and ventilate both your attic space and the inside of your garage quietly and lead to a cooler space.

Cons of Garage Ventilation
Some cons might include:

Instructions Aren't Always Clear
All exhaust fan kits should provide you with instruction on how to install the fan. But, because instructions on product labels aren't always that clear or specific, it could be a little challenging. But, if you follow the steps provided, you should be fine.

Exhaust Fans Can Only Do So Much
West and south facing garages usually struggle with hot temperatures most since the sun beams down on them all day long. While an exhaust fan does help, west and south facing garages are still at a bit of a disadvantage and it's difficult in the summertime to keep them totally cool. But, again, garage exhaust fans do help with this.

If you're struggling with a humid, hot and uncomfortable garage, you might benefit from installing a good garage exhaust fan to properly ventilate your garage. It’ll help eliminate moisture, heat and airborne allergens and improve air comfort and quality.

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