QC CL-3100 Whole House Fan Ranked 1st Overall by Popular Mechanics

As people seek to lower the temperatures in their homes without using the excessive amount of energy air conditioners use, many people have turned to whole house fans. There are different types of whole house fans, but they all work in the same simple way: they pull air into your home through open windows and doors, pull that air into the attic, and exhaust the hot attic air through vents.

This process effectively replaces hot and humid trapped air in the home with cleaner cooler air from outside. Also, it does wonders for maintaining the temperature of your attic and keeping temperatures down.

How to Choose a Whole House Fan
When considering what type of whole house fan, there are a few factors you should take into account. First, what’s the size of your attic? Larger attics require stronger whole house fans in order to move larger quantities of air. However, keep in mind that larger whole house fans are usually louder than their smaller counterparts.

Also, consider where you will install your fan. This will determine what type of mounted fan you need. For example, you may be better off with a ceiling mounted versus a wall-mounted fan depending on the dimensions and space in your attic.

Lastly, if you want convenient control of your whole house fan, you may consider purchasing one with a remote control.

QC CL-3100 Whole House Fan
If you’re unfamiliar with whole house fan models, we highly recommend you check out the QC CL-3100 whole house fan. This model is an easy-to-install and efficient whole house fan that is affordable and suitable for most midsized households. In addition, Popular Mechanics ranked it the #1 best overall whole house fan.

For people that can’t afford a super powerful fan, or have no need for it, this whole house fan by Quiet Cool is the best option. It is made from high-quality materials and comes with a 10-year warranty. It can cover up to 1,570 square feet.

Installation is easy with detailed instructions, along with a cardboard template that will help you to make sure that your fan will fit into the framing before you begin the installation. Also, you can find an installation video on our website.

The QC CL-3100 whole house fan is a great option for just about every household. It cools your home and attic efficiently and quietly while reducing air conditioning costs.

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