Quiet Cooling and Energy-Saving Whole House Fans — A Quality Product

It costs money to be comfortable. Running a high-end air conditioner eight hours a day, for example, will likely cost you over $211 a month. But luckily, ACs are no longer your only home cooling option. If you want to save money without having to sweat all day, consider buying an energy-saving fan.

Everything you need to know about energy-saving fans

How they work

Energy-saving whole house fans are quite different from standing fans or ceiling fans. These systems are usually installed in your attic and are designed to pull air from your windows while exhausting hot air through the attic and the roof.

A whole house fan’s ability to cool will depend on how much air it can move each minute, denoted by CFM (cubic feet per minute). Generally, you will need a minimum of 2 CFM per square foot of living space; however, you can go up to 2.5 or 3 CFM per square foot for the best results.

So, for example, if your home has a total area of 1000 square feet, a good whole house fan will have about 2000 CFM, while the best system will have 3000 CFM.

You can also obtain more exact measurements online by searching for a whole house fan sizing calculator.

Why do you need them?

Is a whole house fan necessary? If you want to decrease your energy costs, the answer is a definite yes. Whole house fans can cool your home without the need for an AC, which, in turn, lowers the bills. They are even built with efficient, energy-saving motors that can move large amounts of air without consuming too much power.

In addition, energy-saving fans offer the following benefits:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Quiet operation
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Ease of use and installation


Are you looking for top-quality energy-saving fans with quiet cooling technology? Make sure to purchase your cooling systems from an experienced and reputable supplier in the USA!