Reasons to Use Whole House Fan during Winter

Whole house fans draw in and circulate fresh air throughout a home, providing an inexpensive cooling effect when the weather outside is cooler and less humid than the weather inside. The fresh air circulating in the home also dilutes any airborne contaminants.

What Exactly is a Whole-House Fan?
Whole-house fans have introduced a cost-effective and energy-efficient method of keeping the entire home cool and filled with fresh, clean air. In addition to their incredible cooling benefits, these high-volume cooling fans use a fraction of the electricity required by traditional air conditioning! Understanding how whole-house fans work provides a lot of its benefits during winter.

Whole-house fans are an excellent method to keep your home cool in the spring and fall when temperatures are moderate. These will provide a wonderful airflow from all open windows and truly make for a nice environment during the cooler months.

Why Do You Need It During Winter?
Ice damming can be avoided.  Ice damming happens when you find snow always melting on the roof, causing water to be dropping on the roof edge in other to form ice dams. They can cause damage to the roof as well as block the flow of water in the gutter. Getting the whole-house fan can help to avoid this entirely, preventing your roof from additional upkeep.

  • Improve the quality of your indoor air. Ventilation via the whole-house fan aids in the reduction of indoor air impurities such as harmful chemicals. As mentioned, whole house fans bring in fresh air from the outside into your home, thereby improving the air quality in your home. Good indoor air quality is important, particularly in the winter, when we spend a majority of our time cooped up indoors.
  • Reduce moisture buildup. Proper ventilation is particularly vital because mold growth can be caused by indoor moisture.
  • Vent odors. In the winter, most cooking occurs indoors, leading to lingering food odors. A whole house fan can bring in fresh outside air to help dissipate lingering cooking odors. Using your fan to remove these odors is especially helpful. It is also useful for removing pet odors.
  • Home interior projects. Are you planning on conducting any projects this winter indoors that involve using chemicals? Perhaps you are going to be painting the interior walls or kitchen cabinets? A whole house fan can help ventilate the area you’re working in.

Get Yours Today!
If you're tired of having oppressively dry afternoons, itchy evenings, and uncomfortable nights in your home, installing whole-house fans in the house could be the solution. Whole house fan installation works by drawing cool air into your home through open windows, which are then circulated throughout the house and drawn into the attic, where quiet fans ventilate it out. Not only will you, your family, and your pets be comfortable with this type of ventilation system, but you can also say goodbye to lingering odors, tobacco smoke, and other noxious odors.

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