Safety Tips When Using a Whole House Fan

A whole house fan works by drawing cool air outside of the home inside through open windows and vents hot air inside the home out through the attic. The result of this process is a cooler house. Since it does not require extensive energy to run and it does not put dangerous toxins into the environment, like air conditioning does, it is a more cost effective and environmentally sound option for cooling your home.

Safe Operating
Just like any other appliance, there are certain things that must be done in order to ensure that you are utilizing your whole house fan safely.

In order to properly operate your whole house fan, make sure to follow these important tips safety tips:

  • Make sure you have the right amount of windows open. The number of windows opened should be equal to the amount of Net Free Venting that each fan requires. If you do not open the proper amount of windows, you will increase the chances of back-drafting. Back-drafting happens when outside air is pulled into the home through vent pipes. As a result, polluted air could be entering your home. Your installer will be able to tell you how many windows need to be opened while running your whole house fan.
  • Do not run an air conditioner while you are running a whole house fan. Since the windows need to be open to properly and safely use this appliance, and windows need to be closed to effectively run an air conditioner, the two appliances should not be used simultaneously.
  • Cover and seal your whole house fan when the weather turns cold. These appliances contain louvered openings, which can lead to heat loss during.
  • Never install a whole house fan in an attic that houses a gas heater or a gas furnace with a standing pilot. Doing so has the potential to cause a very dangerous situation.
  • Do not use a fireplace while using a whole house fan, as it could blow ashes out of the fireplace and into the house. Also, make sure that the fireplace damper is closed while the fan is in use to prevent ashes from blowing out.
  • Be cautious if using automatic timers to turn a whole house fan on. Since the windows need to be opened when the fan is operating, if the fan is set to turn on with an automatic timer, you may not be home – or remember to – open the windows. Consider using an electronic auto-shutoff timer instead.

If used properly, a whole house fan can efficiently cool your home, making it more comfortable during hot weather.