Save Money on Electricity Bills with a Whole House Fan

If you live in a place where it’s almost always warm and sunny, you may be relying too much on your air-conditioning unit to keep cool and comfortable day and night. However, you might also be familiar with the high electricity bills that result from constantly using your A/C. Are you looking for solutions that can reduce your electricity bill without compromising on your overall comfort? Then consider installing a whole house fan for energy savings. It will minimize the need to run your A/C during the day, so you can lower your electricity bills down the line.

What makes air-conditioning expensive?

Each home is different and different factors can affect the costs of using air-conditioning. Energy costs, the unit’s efficiency, operation quality and installation, outdoor temperature, thermostat settings, and the size of your home are among them. If you keep it on all day and night, you’re likely to be surprised by your electric bill every month.

How whole house fans help cool your home?

whole house fan can improve energy savings in your home. It brings the cool outside air through your doors and windows and removes the warm air from inside the house through your attic. That makes it helpful in cooling down your home while helping your air-conditioning system work more efficiently when it does not have to deal with hot indoor air too much. A whole house fan also requires less energy to operate compared to A/C units.

If it’s cool outside, you won’t have to turn on the A/C. You can simply rely on your whole house fan for energy savings and to stay cool without worrying about your next utility bill. You could save over $300 per month when you run a 3500w A/C unit during the hottest months, and you could potentially save more if you have a larger home with a larger A/C unit.