Should I Invest in a Whole House Fan in 2024?

If you’re a homeowner, you’re probably always looking for smart investments to save money and improve your home. But when it comes to choosing the right products, it can be hard whether to know if something will truly benefit you, or if it’ll just waste your time and money.

Chances are you’ve heard of whole house fans before – they’ve been around for decades, yet they’ve only risen in popularity. But is a whole house fan really right for you and your home this year, is a whole house fan a wise investment for 2024?

Below, we’ll briefly explain how whole house fans work, and then we’ll dive into some reasons every homeowner should invest in a whole house fan for 2024.

What Are Whole House Fans and How Do They Fans Work?
Whole house fans are devices that circulate air throughout your home – ventilating your entire home. They are usually set up in the ceiling below the attic, pulling fresh air in through open doors and windows and exhausting it through your attic.

This prevents air from getting trapped in your home while also providing a breeze to cool the home down, among other benefits.

(Some of) The Benefits of Whole House Fans:

Keepin’ it cool:
Firstly, whole house fans keep your home cool. When it gets hot, heat builds up in your home quickly, physically warming your home and the air inside it.

Whole house fans exhaust hot, trapped air and replace it with cooler inside air. Additionally, the breeze they create helps to keep you even cooler.

Supplement AC

Just because you don’t want to toss out your AC, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the advantages of a whole house fan. In fact, whole house fans and air conditioners work great together.

On warm days your whole house fan can provide some relief when your AC may be overkill. Then, when temperatures get high during the day you can run your AC during the hottest part of the day, switching to your whole house fan as temperatures drop at night – saving you money and reducing your energy consumption.

Save money
While AC may be nice when it’s hot outside (and inside), everybody knows running your AC day and night is expensive. Utility bills can seriously eat into your budget and no one wants to have to choose between comfort during the summer and paying bills.

Whole house fans consume much less energy than AC, saving you a lot of money long-term. In addition, there are even extra energy-saving whole house fans available.

Air it out
Indoor air pollution is the silent killer. When we close our windows during the winter and heat waves, we don’t think too much about it – but air pollution is unavoidable. If you don’t regularly ventilate your home, indoor air pollution accumulates, potentially harming your health and triggering allergies.

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