Should I Remove Ice Dams by Myself?

Ice dams can do a lot of damage to your home in a very short amount of time. From causing problems with mold and mildew to causing damage to the structure of your home and your possessions, it is critical to remove ice dams quickly and safely. But, is this something you should do by yourself? There are experts who provide ice dam removal services, but there are some things you can do to remove ice dams that are causing problems for your home, like those listed below.

Blow Some Cold Air on It
If water is coming into your home via ice dam, the simplest solution is to blow cold air on it. You can use a standard box fan – simply position it so that it blows air onto the leaking spot. This encourages the water to refreeze and stops the water from temporarily flowing into your home.

Create a Channel in the Ice Where Water Can Escape
Give the melting ice an escape route by creating a channel. This can be done with a wide variety of tools, including chemical ice melting solutions you can find at your local stores. Just be careful that the solutions you choose – especially if chipping away at the ice is your preferred route – doesn’t endanger the structure of your roof.

Clear Snow from Your Roof
This can be done with a tool known as a roof rake. This tool is nifty because you can use it while standing on the ground. This eases the insulating factor snow represents that holds warmth in and melts the snow closest to your roof – which exacerbates the problems associated with ice dams. If there’s no snow on your roof, there is nothing there to melt causing damage to your home.

Use Ice Melt in Gutters
Place chemical ice melting crystals in a nylon stocking and place in your gutters. Just remember to protect vegetation beneath the gutters where ice melt is placed with tarps so that they aren’t damaged by the chemicals.

It is much easier to prevent ice dams than it is to remove them and protect your home during busy winter months. One of the best things you can do is lower the temperature in your attic by installing an attic fan and ensuring there is adequate ventilation throughout your attic long before winter hits. This alone will help reduce the likelihood of developing ice dams on your home, so your time can be spent enjoying the snow this winter.