Should I Repair or Replace the Roof?

Spring is time for many home improvement projects, and your roof is one to evaluate and consider whether it falls into this category. As a homeowner, there will be several instances in which you’ll have to make difficult decisions regarding maintenance such as: when to replace or repair the roof.

Of course, there’s nothing like having a solid roof over your head, after all, it’s essential for a warm, dry, and cozy home. However, some home improvement projects aren’t cut and dry. So how do you know whether it’s time to invest in a new roof or simply repair it?

Can My Damaged Roof Be Repaired?
Replacing an entire roof can be very expensive. That’s why many homeowners opt to have their roof patched up in deteriorating areas or roof over existing shingles rather than tearing down the pre-existing roof. When deciding whether to make repairs or re-roof it’s always best to consult a professional contractor.

Cracked shingles due to wind damage can typically be repaired without having to launch an extensive roofing project. If the damage is allocated to one area, torn or cracked shingles can be easily removed and new ones slipped into place.

However, if the shingle damage is in a few different areas you can expect to have to reroof in the next five years. If there are only a few areas that need fixing, then it may be worth your while to just have patched up as opposed to replacing.

When Is It Time to Replace the Roof?
When deciding whether to replace or repair it’s important to analyze the long-term cost of repair. Just think. While patching up a leaky roof will spare you the hefty cost of replacing it, you’ll likely save money in the long run by just biting the bullet and reroofing.

If your roof is over twenty years old and showing extensive signs of wear than replacement is the best option. Some indications that re-roofing is the best decision include:

The wear and age of the shingles
Your home’s susceptibility to further damage
The climate in the area.

Severe water damage or even the type of material the roof is made from are additional factors you’ll have to consider.

Once you’ve decided to replace a roof, the next decision the homeowner will have to whether you’ll have the new roof installed over the preexisting roof or tearing off the old one prior to the install. The homeowner will have to determine whether they should minimize costs by reroofing or removing the old one.

Whether having your roof repaired or replaced, it’s a great time to install an attic fan, such as the SmartAttic Roof Mount Fan. Not only can this fan keep your attic and home cooler, it can help extend the longevity of your repaired or replaced roof.