Signs of an Improperly Vented Attic

An improperly vented attic is terrible news for your home and your roof. It can also be equally disastrous headline for your budget.

Because you probably don’t spend a lot of time hanging out in your attic, you may be missing out on some of these vital clues that let you know your attic needs better ventilation.

Ice Dams in Winter
While snow and ice in winter are certainly pretty to look it, they can leave a wealth of destruction in their wakes. For homes where there is little, or inadequate, attic ventilation, ice dams are common occurrences. These ice dams may look innocent, but they can cause damage to your roof, the structure of your home, your siding, your gutters, your insulation, and more. The longer they continue to form along the line of your roof, the more damage they will do to your home – and the more it is likely to cost to repair the damage.

Moss and Algae on Your Roof
The presence of moss and algae on your roof may indicate one of three things – or even some combination of the three.

Improperly ventilated attics.
Debris on your roof.
Branches hanging over your roof.

Sometimes, it is the combination that creates the perfect storm of events to generate damaging moss and algae on your roof.

Uneven Melting of Snow on Your Roof
When there is a snow cover in winter and your home has “hot spots” areas where the snow appears to melt faster than others, it is a sure sign that your attic isn’t adequately vented in those locations. The reason is simple, if there is proper venting in the attic, the hot air from your home will be vented out evenly throughout your attic so the snow will melt at an even pace across your roof.

Mold in Your Attic
If you notice mold in your attic, you have yet another indicator of improper attic ventilation. Mold forms when there isn’t enough ventilation for the moisture to escape. The moisture then becomes trapped in your attic, causing mold to form in dark corners and on some of your prized possessions and heirlooms.

The signs and symptoms of improper attic ventilation are damaging enough in their own rights and can lead to thousands of dollars or more in repairs and replacement items – some items stored in your attic can’t be replaced. Additionally, there are the risks of health problems related to mold and mildew to consider.

Getting an attic fan offers a quick fix that will improve attic ventilation, help get rid of moisture in the attic, and reduce your risks of damage related to improper attic ventilation in your home.