Smart Window Shades + a Whole House Fan - A Winning Combination

Smart blinds are coverings for windows that include built-in motors allowing you to add remote capabilities for raising and lowering the blinds based on schedules. They're also referred to as smart shades, automatic blinds, or automated blinds. In certain cases, they come with built-in light sensors, enabling you to adjust them according to the exterior lighting.

These days, there are various smart window treatments, most can be controlled through your choice of voice assistant like Google Assistant or Alexa. These devices are designed to manage the temperature of your home with ease by opening and closing the shades strategically at your desired times of the day. And if it becomes too cold or too hot, all it takes is giving it a short voice command and it will open or close the blinds.

This effect is a better use of your AC and heating and it uses the sun to naturally heat and cool your home. Even better, when you pair smart blinds with a whole house fan — you have a great combination.

Benefits of Smart Window Shades
Some benefits of smart window shades include:

  1. Effortless Convenience

When it comes to smart shades, you'll indulge the effortless convenience of shade control. You can raise or lower your blinds through a motorized operating system:

  • With a tap on your mobile device
  • A press of a button
  • A simple voice command using Amazon Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant

You could even schedule smart blinds to automatically move at specific times of the day, creating personalized shade-setting scenes throughout your whole house or within a room.

  1. Greater Energy Efficiency

Blinds can enhance your home's energy efficiency by blocking out the sun's rays from heating your home up in the summer and preventing heat loss during the wintertime. However, if you have manual blinds, you'd need to manually raise and lower them when needed and this can be a hassle, particularly when you're not home.

With smart blinds, you simply tap on your mobile device or press a button or you can schedule the shades in motion for a time you choose and they'll open or close at the time you choose without you even having to be there.

  1. Enhanced Privacy and Security

Make it look like you're home even when you're away on vacation by scheduling your smart blinds to raise and lower automatically at set times each day. You can also schedule them to close as you're heading out the door and open them upon your return.

Benefits of a Whole House Fan

When you combine your smart blinds with a whole house fan, there are even more benefits to you, such as:

  1. A Healthier House

When you have your home closed up, particularly in the wintertime, all types of nasty things can get trapped inside such as:

  • Pet dander
  • Allergens
  • Odors
  • Bacteria
  • and more

The good news, whole house fans don't just cool your home, they also whisk away the various pollutants that become trapped in stale, dormant air and replace them with the fresh outside air. This drastically improves your home's health and air purity.

  1. Decreased AC Costs

Thanks to a whole house fan's quick cooling, you don't need to continue running your AC constantly, which can get quite costly. It doesn't cost a lot to run a whole house fan. It's like pennies per hour. And since it's so efficient at cooling your attic and house quickly, you can use it more intermittently than your AC which can save you significantly on your energy costs.

  1. Quick Fresh Air Cooling

Whole house fans suck the warm air from your living spaces, pushing it up into the attic and out the vents. At the same time, it's drawing in the cool outdoor air through your open windows. Your home is cooled within minutes with fresh outdoor air, instead of simply recirculating stale inside air with your AC.

Now, combine a whole house fan with smart blinds and you have the ultimate combination to keep your home cool and energy efficient.  Take a look at our selection of whole house fans, including our most popular whole house fans, energy saving whole house fans, and QuietCool whole house fans, and give us a call should you have any questions. (888) 845-6597