Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

Spring is in the air. It arrives on March 20th. For many homeowners, it means it’s time to roll up their sleeves and get to work with spring cleaning, yard maintenance and shake off the final vestiges of winter. These are some of the roof maintenance chores you’ll want to add to your “to do” list this spring.

Trim Tree Limbs
Make sure no limbs are touching your roof. Limbs and branches can damage the shingles by scraping against them and removing the protective granules on the surface. Trimming back the limbs each spring so they do not touch your roof can greatly extend the life of your roof. It also helps to reduce the growth of moss on and mold that will eventually cause leaks if left unattended.

Examine Your Roof
Now it’s time to get on the roof itself and assess its current state. Look for signs of missing shingles, moss, mold, etc. and make the necessary repairs – or hire someone to do them for you.

Check Attic Ventilation
Attic ventilation is important throughout the year. During the winter, it can be instrumental in helping to avoid destructive ice dams. Especially when used in combination with an attic fan to help regulate the temperature in your attic. During the summer months, ventilation allows hot, humid air an avenue for escape so that it isn’t trapped in your attic where it can do damage on its own.

Install an Attic Fan
If you don’t have one already, spring is a time each year to install an attic fan for your home. It can help you reduce your utility bills, rid your attic of mildew-causing moisture, and help your home feel more comfortable without relying solely on your air conditioning to keep things cool. This single addition reduces wear and tear on your AC unit, effectively extending its life, and helps to reduce the costs of cooling your home in summer.

Assess Gutter Damage
April showers are great for flowers in May, but they can be extremely harmful to clogged or damaged gutters. Spring is the time to examine all your gutters to determine if debris (leaves, limbs, etc.) needs to be removed or if there is damage from winter ice or ice dams requiring your attention, use this opportunity to examine the state of your roof.

Spring is in the air and for homeowners, like you, that means it’s time to take care of some serious deep cleaning and routine maintenance. Keep these tips in mind to help you maintain your roof this, and every, spring.