Study Finds New Ultra White Paint May Reduce The Need For Air Conditioning

Many Americans have found they cannot survive those treacherous summer days without the luxury of air conditioning, but what happens to your electric bill when the air conditioner ends up running the entire day? Your bill skyrockets! Scientists believe this new ultra white paint may reduce the need for air conditioning altogether.

Researchers believe that this ultra white paint works by sending heat away from the building leaving almost no need for the air conditioning to turn on throughout the day. Not only does this paintwork by sending heat away from the surface itself but the Earth as well, resulting in less heat being trapped in the atmosphere helping avoid global warming.

Engineers have stated that heat is not being moved from the surface into the atmosphere but simply sending it straight out into the universe which is essentially a heat pit in itself.

This specific light reflecting paint took engineers at Purdue University in Indiana six years to formulate effectively. The ultra-white paint engineers have manufactured is made with barium sulfate particles that scatter the sun’s rays and cool the surrounding surfaces immediately. Researchers say that while white paint has been known to cool buildings for years, this new formula of ultra-white paint absorbs less light and heat.

The white paint that has been used for centuries absorbs approximately 20 percent of sunlight whereas the new ultra-white formula engineers have created only absorbs 1.9 percent of light. This specific paint can keep areas approximately 8 degrees Fahrenheit cooler during the hottest parts of the day and up to 19 degrees Fahrenheit cooler throughout the night.

There were over 100 different material combinations considered throughout the 6-year journey that it took engineers to successfully create this ultra white paint. Once they had narrowed their research down to 10 combinations and had performed approximately 50 test studies they had finally found the perfect mix. The engineers at Purdue University challenge others to explore energy-saving methods such as this as the materials needed are readily available to those who need them, just at a high price tag. The engineers have extended a challenge to companies to make these materials more affordable to the general public.

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