The Advantages of Using Solar Powered Quiet Attic Fans at Home

Are you installing solar panels on your roof? Consider a solar-powered quiet attic fan to increase your home’s energy efficiency and savings. It’s a compact standalone rooftop ventilation solution that does not continuously rely on your home’s power. Instead, it uses energy from the sun to run efficiently and help cool your attic during the summer. It can help address condensation issues in the winter, too.

High-quality solar-powered attic fans may work better than regular versions that run on your home’s power. Here are more benefits you can expect from them.

Enhanced comfort

quiet attic fan can improve ventilation in your home by pushing hot and stuffy air out of the attic while simultaneously reducing the temperature in that space. It could effectively lower the attic temperature by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so the rooms beneath the space can be cooler.

Solar-powered quiet attic fans enable cleaner and safer cooling, too. Conventional electric fans are prone to pulling carbon monoxide and other dangerous fumes from ground-level gas appliances or the basement throughout the home. Solar attic fans move air gently while keeping attic pressure at a safer level and delivering efficient airflow.

Energy savings

Excess heat in the attic will make your HVAC system work harder, resulting in less cooling efficiency. A solar-powered quiet attic fan can reduce your reliance on air conditioning by maintaining cooler temperatures. And because it uses energy from the sun, it can reduce your carbon footprint and consumption of fossil fuel.

You can leave the fan running round-the-clock, as it has an inverter that can switch to electricity when the sun goes down. High-quality attic fans have a built-in thermostat to run them at 88 degrees and off at 77 degrees.

Protect the roof

Excess heat can build up in the attic during the summer and destroy asphalt shingles. During winter, moisture condenses in the attic, resulting in mold, mildew growth, and rot. A solar-powered quiet attic fan will ensure proper ventilation to avoid unnecessary roof repair and other problems.