The Benefits of an Exhaust Fan for Detached Garages

A poorly ventilated detached garage is bad news. It can make working or moving through your garage unpleasant and unhealthy. In some situations, it can even lead to damage and costly repairs.

If you use your detached garage as a workshop, your garage should be where you go to fix your problems, not create them. In any case, adding ventilation to your garage is a must, whether you’re in it all the time or rarely passing through.

Below, we’ll go over some of the benefits provided by a properly ventilated garage with an exhaust fan.

Improve Air Quality
Indoor air pollution is something most of us think little about. Besides literal smoke and carbon monoxide, many of us tend to think the air inside our homes is safe to breathe. In unventilated spaces, air pollution naturally builds up. In the home this results from simply existing as humans (producing moisture), steam from showers, smoke from cooking, pet dander, candles, air fresheners, aerosols, and much more.

Air pollution is even worse in most garages. If you’re like most people, you probably store toxic chemicals like cleaners, gasoline, paint, turpentine, and your vehicle or other machinery in your garage. The fumes from these chemicals can easily escape into the air in your garage and accumulate in a poorly ventilated garage, creating a toxic cocktail of air that is unhealthy to breathe.

With a garage exhaust fan, the answer to this problem is easy – pushes indoor air out while bringing in fresh and clean outdoor air, removing the air pollution from your garage.

Cool Down
Whether you have a finished garage where you or your kids hang out, you have a workshop, or a simple storage place, you’re bound to frequent your detached garage on some level.

During the hot summers when you do, you want the temperature to be bearable. An unventilated garage in the summer heat can be uncomfortable and even dangerous.

So cool that sucker down efficiently and effectively with a garage exhaust fan, which will dispose of built-up heat and provide a breeze.

Prevent Moisture Buildup and Damage
Moisture can wreak havoc on just about any structure. During the winter a buildup of moisture can make the floor of your garage slick and slippery. If you spend time in your garage during the winter – and especially if you have a heater or second floor – warm, moist air can accumulate in garage attic spaces, damaging insulation, and rotting wood.

With the right garage exhaust fan, you can prevent damage to your garage and yourself by keeping the space ventilated and the air dry.

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