The Differences Between Whole House Fans and Quiet Cool Garage Fans

Your garage is just as important as the rest of your home, so you should never hesitate to protect your car and other belongings from moisture damage and heat. A Quiet Cool garage fan is all you need to keep your garage properly ventilated, making it a worthy investment.

Whole house fans vs. Quiet Cool garage fans

  • Location

The greatest difference between whole-house fans and garage fans is the location at which they are installed. As their name suggests, garage fans should be installed in your garage. Meanwhile, whole-house fans are typically installed in the attic, ensuring that it is placed between your living space and the ceiling.

  • Ventilation

Because of their installation locations, whole house fans and garage fans end up cooling in different places. A whole-house fan is ideal if you want to reduce your need for air conditioning and lower the overall temperatures inside your home.

In comparison, garage fans can only ventilate your garage. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t an essential investment. In general, garage fans help prevent the buildup of toxic fumes inside the enclosed space, protecting your health. Moreover, these ventilation systems can help eliminate moisture, which, in turn, prevents the growth of mold and mildew and protects the contents of your garage.

You may also find garage fans that can be installed in garages with attics, allowing you to cool your attic and garage at the same time.

  • Cooling capacity

Because garage fans are only designed to cool the garage, they tend to be much smaller than whole-house fans. For example, the Quiet Cool GA ES-1500 has a cooling capacity of 1452 CFM.

Whole house fans, on the other hand, can have a capacity of as much as 6924 CFM. This means they can cool homes as large as 3642 square feet, moving 2 CFM per square foot.


Purchase a Quiet Cool garage fan from reputable suppliers now and make sure your garage is cool, comfortable, and properly ventilated.