The Evolution of Modern Whole House Fans

Whole house fans have been around for many years now, and modern editions have come a long way from their 20th-century roots. Below, we’ll discuss how whole house fans have evolved, and the best contemporary whole house fans on the market today.

Whole House Fans of Antiquity
Whole house fans were invented in the early 1900s, around the time the first air conditioners were developed. However, you could even trace the origins of the whole house fan to long before the 20th century.

This is because the science behind whole house fans has been used for centuries. Before electric power and whole house fans were used, some buildings were designed with copulas that allowed hot air to exhaust from the top and cooler air to come in from below, creating a cooling and circulating effect throughout the building.

When whole house fans were invented in the 20th century, they used this same method, but rather than passive action, they used electric power and fan blades to actively (and more effectively) circulate air.

Whole House Fans of the Mid-20th-Century
Whole house fans rose to popularity in the mid-20th century in America. At this time, air conditioning was also becoming more popular, but AC was seen as a more expensive option while whole house fans used less electricity and therefore cost less to operate.

However, there was one major problem with whole house fans of the time—they were loud.

21st-Century Whole House Fans
The major breakthrough with whole house fan technology in the 21st century came when Quiet Cool, what is now a leading brand in the industry, developed its first “whisper-quiet” whole house fan in 2003.

Because other whole house fans were so loud and needed to operate for hours, and often at nighttime, this created a big change in the industry. What used to be the biggest barrier to getting a whole house fan was no longer a problem.

Best Contemporary Whole House Fans

  • Quiet Cool: Quiet Cool has become the premier whole house fan manufacturer. When looking for a quality whole house fan, you can’t go wrong with Quiet Cool.
  • Energy Saving Whole House Fans: Whole house fans are known as an energy-efficient alternative to AC, helping homeowners stay cool while saving money and reducing their carbon footprint. Energy-saving fans were developed to operate even more efficiently and further reduce energy waste. They’re a great option for anyone trying to reduce how much energy they use at home.

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