The Science of Energy Saving Fans: How They Work and Why They're So Effective

Energy-saving appliances are not just a fad. They remain in high demand, especially for homeowners looking to lower their energy costs. One of the must-haves is the energy-saving fan, and while there are many options today, whole-house fans can be the best choice. Modern whole-house fans are not only quieter but also more energy efficient compared to older models. This means you can stay comfortable during the summer without worrying about a higher energy bill. In fact, using a whole-house fan regularly can even help lower your overall annual energy costs in the long run.

What makes them effective at cooling?

Energy-saving whole-house fans can be alternatives to air conditioners in moderate climates. When used with other circulating fans, they can provide acceptable comfort and cooling in the summer. The whole house fan draws hot air into your attic, resulting in a positive pressure that forces air out through the gables or vents. At the same time, negative pressure occurs in your living area to pull the cooler air in via the windows.

Sounds like an attic fan? Whole-house fans are different because they are more effective at cooling an entire home. With an attic fan, the air is simply pushed out of the attic, and there is no cooling effect on living areas.

What if you don’t have an attic?

Although it’s best to install an energy-saving fan in the attic, consider a roof mounted fan. Newer models are environmentally friendly, quieter, and more effective at reducing indoor temperatures. Just keep the windows open to allow your fan to work more effectively, and consider running it in the morning or evening whenever the outdoor air is fresher and cooler. That way, cool air can enter your home.

Discover these benefits now

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