Thermal Mass Cooling Effect of Whole House Fans Explained

Whole house fans are a great alternative or supplement to traditional air conditioning. They can provide ample cooling to your home without the expense and high energy consumption that air conditioners require to run. Plus, whole house fans can improve your home's air quality.

Did you know that whole house fans cool more than air in your home? In this article, we’ll discuss the thermal mass cooling effect of whole house fans and how it contributes to further cooling your home.

What Is The Thermal Mass Cooling Effect?
As we all know, during particularly hot days, hot air can build up in our homes, which is why many of us use air conditioning, fans, or whole house fans. But it’s more than just hot air giving you discomfort in your home.

Your home is made up of high-density materials like concrete, tiles, and bricks which can absorb and store heat. This is called thermal mass. During heat waves, for example, you may find it difficult to cool down your home, because the heat is not only in the air but it is being physically stored in your home.

Even in the evening when the outside air is cooler, you may still find that your home is hot because extra heat is still being released from thermal mass within your home. While you may want to use your air conditioner to get some comfort at night, a much better option is to use a whole house fan.

Thermal Mass Cooling Effect of Whole House Fans
Instead of using your high-cost air conditioning to cool down your home at night and in the mornings, use a whole house fan. Whole house fans are more efficient and cost-effective at removing stored heat from your home.

Even during heat waves, it is likely much cooler at night than it is during the day. By supplementing your AC with a whole house fan you can take advantage of this dip in temperature.

For example, during the day when it is hot, you can shut your windows and run your AC to keep the hot air out and the cool air inside. Then at night you can switch off your AC and turn off your whole house fan to begin removing any heat that was stored in your house.

This will keep your house cooler while also saving you money on electricity that would be used to run your AC. Order your whole house fan today to help decrease your cooling costs this summer.