Things to Consider When Purchasing a Quiet Cool Garage Fan

A garage is one of the essential rooms in your home. However, it is also the most overlooked. Many homeowners fail to maintain their garages because they only see them as storage areas for cars and unused equipment. But just like any other space, garages require proper care, lighting, and ventilation. For example, a Quiet Cool garage fan will help keep the area cool and protect your tools and equipment.

Essential factors to consider before you purchase a Quiet Cool garage fan

  • CFM rating

Your garage fan’s cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating will determine how efficient it is at circulating air. To find the most appropriate rating for your needs, you’ll first need to measure the size of your garage.

So, for instance, if your garage only spans about 200 sq. feet or less, it’s best to go for a fan with 2000 to 3000 CFM. For larger areas, such as a garage over 450 sq. feet, consider heavy-duty systems capable of more than 5000 CFM.

  • Noise level

Do you use your garage as a workshop? Then, check out a fan’s noise levels before purchasing it. Although you can’t completely get rid of loud sounds, leading manufacturers now produce advanced systems that can guarantee near-silent operation so you can work uninterrupted.

  • Location

Finally, think about where you plan to install the garage fan. Standard systems can be mounted on your ceiling; however, some advanced units are specifically designed for garages with attics. And luckily, the best garage fans on the market are built with high-quality dampers to prevent interference with your ceiling firewall.

Invest in top-quality Quiet Cool garage fans for your home and make sure your entire family is safe, comfortable, and cool no matter the season.